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It's the ultimate celebrity accessory - a lifestyle blog

Rozanne Purcell.
Rozanne Purcell.
Blake Lively.
Reese Witherspoon.
Alicia Silverstone.

Gillian Fitzpatrick

Gwyneth has 'Goop' and Blake just launched 'Preserve'. Gillian Fitzpatrick takes a look at the celebrity lifestyle gurus who share their ideas with millions of followers online

There was a time when a famous face could be promoted through the celebrity ranks via a limited-edition Hermes bag, VIP membership to the right club or well-timed romance.

But these days, fabulous A-listers are nothing without the ultimate modern-day accessory: a lifestyle guru website. Blake Lively is the latest celebrity to develop an online platform through which she shares her knowledge of the world. Although just two months in the offing, Preserve (which Ms Lively describes as a "creative space") is already attracting a fierce following - one which is threatening Gwyneth Paltrow's celebrated and longer established Goop.

And more competition is on the horizon - Reese Witherspoon is launching Draper James in early 2015. Meanwhile, Alicia Silverston and Rozanna Purcell already entertain their fans with and

However, it's not just celebrities who feel the need to share their thoughts, musings and preferences with the world - ordinary people can launch successful websites to do the very same. You won't need expensive laptops or advanced IT skills, but you will need to source your own content - not to mention the time to polish it off and post it online. Here, we list the top tips to getting your very own blog off the ground.

Decide on your platform:,, and are all popular, but ask around for recommendations. Find the one that suits your needs best and then get going with a free or paid-for template.

Choose your content:

Some websites successfully detail everyday comings and goings without much structure, but most people will find this quite hard to manage effectively. Instead, embrace an area of expertise or interest and use that to frame your daily posts.

Make sure to promote:

What's the point in spending time writing content if no one is going to read it? So use the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to boost traffic to your blog and ask friends and colleagues to help out.

Don't lose faith:

If you neglect your blog or website for a week or so, don't be afraid to dive back in and keep going. Successful blogs are dependent on regular posts, but the occasional time-out is unlikely to do much harm.


Website: is a "creative space" fronted by actress Blake Lively.

Day job: Blake has just launched a major L'Oreal lipstick campaign alongside Freida Pinto, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore and Jane Fonda. Otherwise, the actress (27) has starred in the likes of Green Lantern - where she met her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Message: Long-winded and confusing - but Blake assures her followers that "Preserve is all of us together championing the goods, makers, and legends that instil meaning inside the moments of our lives."

Look: A hipster heaven. Plenty of moody models wearing organic wool, shots of artisan produce and handmade jewellery.

What to buy: Choose from vegan hot fudge, €8; a €260 white freshwater pearl chain; and a gents' travel bag - a steal at €700.

Fanbase: Anyone with plenty of time on their hands and a playful detachment from reality.


Website: Draper James by Reese Witherspoon is not yet online - fans are waiting in anticipation for its 2015 launch. The actress will also open retail outlets in the US in conjunction with the site's launch.

Day job: Reese (38) won an Oscar for Walk The Line and is also known for her roles in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. She has three children aged between two and 15 from her two marriages.

Message: Louisiana-born Reese wants to honour her southern roots - and the Draper James name is inspired by her grandparents. We envision straightforward advice, products and recipes that nod to traditional, homely values.

Look: Pared back and simple. Last month, Reese announced that Andrea Hyde, formerly of French Connection, Gap and Calvin Klein, had been hired as CEO.

What to buy: A wide range of lifestyle products, including bed linen, lingerie, handbags, kitchenware, fragrances, furniture, stationary and blankets.

Fanbase: Those looking for something more modern than Martha Stewart and more relevant that Gwyneth's Goop.

Gwynth Paltrow

Website: Goop by Gwyneth is the most celebrated of celebrity lifestyle sites and a trailblazer in its field.

Day job: Oscar-winning actress and mother to Apple (10) and Moses (8). Gwyneth is married to Coldplay's Chris Martin, but they "consciously uncoupled" in March of this year.

Message: One of absolute privilege with a healthy sprinkling of nonsense. Learn how to transform "an expansive but frill-free space above the garage into a cozy and fully outfitted guest apartment", or alternatively complete a "fall bedding makeover" - also known as changing your sheets and making your bed.

Look: Plenty of clean white backgrounds dotted with hand-drawn sketches and "candid" shots of Gwyneth (41) and friends.

What to buy: A €385 wooden skateboard - "the sort of thing your kids will keep forever" - and a single €1,550 gold safety pin earring - "we wear ours paired with a simple gold stud on the other side".

Fanbase: Affluent folk for whom flying first class, eating organic and consciously uncoupling is the absolute norm.


Website: Former Miss Universe Ireland, Rozanna Purcell, launched earlier this year. By way of inspiration, she cites her healthy upbringing, saying meals were always "homemade, from local farms or our own garden, there was none of this pre-packaged business or use of microwaves, just real whole foods".

Day job: One of the top models on the books of Andrea Roche. She is going out with musician Bressie and lives in Dublin.

Message: The 24-year-old Clonmel-native doesn't advocate a certain type of diet per say, but draws from vegan, raw, gluten-free and Paleo plans. "I appreciate that people have differing requirements for their way of living", Rozanna states.

Look: Mouthing-watering shots of dairy- and gluten-free blueberry muffins; baked oat and pecan bars, and marshmallow protein balls. What to buy: Nothing yet, though surely a line of gym gear and a cook book are now both in the offing for Roz. Fanbase: Younger women who want to emulate her look are still primarily drawn to the site, but undoubtedly as the success of continues to grow, Ms Purcell will be able to cast her net further afield.


Website: Silverstone (37) promotes a diet and lifestyle that take care of "mama Earth at the same time".

Day job: An actress and still best known for her 1995 hit Clueless, Alicia has more recently refashioned herself as an earth-mother, author and vegan activist. She is married to musician, Christopher Jarecki, and they have a toddler son, Bear Blu.

Message: Slightly bonkers and tree-hugging, but Alicia does have the courage of her convictions. The actress revealed earlier this year that her three-year-old has never been vaccinated. In the interview with People, Alicia added that Bear Blu is a good example of how a "chemical-free" approach can benefit the immune system.

Look: Not as quite slick as its competitors,, shots of plants, root vegetables and vegan-friendly fashion dominate. Content works under four main headers: Delicious; Mama; Animal love; and Green Life.

What to buy: Alicia's books - The Kind Mama and The Kind Diet.

Fanbase: Environmentalists who pride themselves on their eco-friendly houses, organic veg plots and packs of rescued animals.

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