Sunday 17 December 2017

'Fish gape' is the new 'duck face' - and the Irish models have been championing it for a while

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

The pout is out.

Move over resting bitch face and trout pout selfies, it seems the 'fish gape' is on the rise.

At the Pride of Britain Awards earlier this week, there was a notable lack of Colgate smiles as instead celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and the Little Mix girls pulled a vacant and aloof facial expression.


Now: 'Fish Gape'

The Daily Mail has cottoned it 'fish gape' - an attempt to naturally draw the cheeks in and keep the chin down, hence flattering the face.

A Harley Street psychologist told the outlet that it is more discreet than its predecessor - the duck face - and gives a subtle sense of allurement.


Then: 'Duck Pout'

"Because of the way today’s spotlight shines on celebrities, the red carpet is a daunting place for even the most confident and experienced individual," Dr Becky Spelman stated.

"For a long time, the fear of giving too much of the artist’s personality away on this public platform kept a relatively narrow set of rules; stand like this, keep your face like this etc."

"This has led to a trend whereby, rather than be sullen and still, celebrities are being more playful in public," she offered.

However, it seems that the always-camera-ready Irish models, who are pros at acquiring the perfect social media selfie at the drop of a hat, cottoned on to this pose a while ago.


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