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Famous kids: In the name of the father (and son)


Star: Romeo Beckham lights up Burberry’s Christmas campaign

Star: Romeo Beckham lights up Burberry’s Christmas campaign

Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson


Star: Romeo Beckham lights up Burberry’s Christmas campaign

Romeo Beckham's star turn in this year's Christmas Burberry campaign is proof positive that having the right parents will certainly get you places.

If you're a celebuspawn, you can count on many things: a decent gene pool, contacts galore, the cushiony comfort of cold, hard cash, and attention simply for being you.

But what of those who decided not just to bask in the spotlight of their famous parents, but steal it outright? Romeo aside, several other famous children have ploughed their own furrow in the cut-throat world of celebrity, with varying degrees of success…


Eve Hewson

Born Memphis Eve Hewson, this 23-year-old may look like the absolute spit of her U2 frontman dad - but her own acting career has been Magnificent (sorry). After nicking the spotlight from under Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place, Eve is very much holding her own as an innocent Southern nurse alongside Clive Owen in Steven Soderbergh's new series The Knick. Up next: an untitled Stephen Spielberg spy thriller opposite Tom Hanks. Not too shabby.


Simone Rocha

As John Rocha's daughter, Simone's talents as a designer were always going to be hothoused. Yet in the cut-throat world of London Fashion Week, where it doesn't matter who your folks are, Simone has been shining brightly.

The canny designer is poised to release her first collaboration with J Brand Jeans, and was a resounding hit at this year's LFW. A chip off the old block, yet with her pearl-embroidered beauties and Tudor-style collections, she still rocks her own style.

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Victoria Smurfit

Victoria never followed her dad Michael into the family firm but business's loss was acting's gain. Smurfit has acted alongside Leo DiCaprio (The Beach) and Hugh Grant (About A Boy) and more recently made a delightfully chilling Lady Wetherby in Dracula. Smurfit has commented in the past that the Bank of Mum & Dad wasn't always readily open. "I was so poor I lived over his garage," she is quoted as saying.


Nicole Richie

Pop star Lionel is fast becoming known as "Nicole Richie's dad". While the socialite first came to prominence for not doing very much, the 33-year-old has turned things around.

After a fledgling music career came to nought, Richie found her feet in fashion, and has been feted as a true taste-maker and keen-eyed designer. She may have a head for business, but she still pops up on reality TV from time to time, most notably as a mentor on Fashion Star alongside singer Jessica Simpson.


Willow Smith

Still only 14, Willow Smith landed on our radar with a thud at the age of 10 with her catchy earworm single 'Whip My Hair'. Dad Will Smith may have been big noise in the pop charts once upon a time, but in fact it's mentor Jay-Z who is propelling Willow's career towards greatness. Still, her pedigree hasn't gone unnoticed. Willow's brother Jaden is also making waves in showbiz leading their parents Will and Jada Pinkett to be labelled as "the pushiest parents in Hollywood".


Angelina Jolie

It's almost hard to believe that Jolie was ever under anyone's shadow, but her entry into Hollywood as a hopeful teen was no doubt greased by her famous parents actor Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. No matter: her career trajectory has long eclipsed the achievements of her Oscar-winning father.

Proving that having a famous parent ain't all it's cracked up to be, it transpires that theirs is an occasionally fractious relationship. Having Brad in your corner probably helps, though.


Kate Hudson

Just as her mother Goldie Hawn was the flaxen-haired darling of light-hearted romcoms, so too has Kate Hudson become the go-to golden girl for Hollywood's chick-flick set.

Hudson started her career in magnificent style, trouncing any accusations of nepotism with an Academy nod for her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.


But some haven't shone quite so brightly…


Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis is certainly no stranger to the movies - she shared the screen no less than four times with her parents as a child - but the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis is still finding her feet.

A handful of roles have kept her appetite for acting whetted, but her breakthrough still remains at large. More recently, she hit the headlines over a Photoshop fandango when she was airbrushed beyond recognition for Franziska Fox's Spring 2015 collection.


Lisa Marie Presley

Poor Lisa Marie. No matter her myriad ventures, sidelines and endeavours, the 46-year-old can never escape the megawatt legacy of her famous dad Elvis. It hasn't been for want of trying, either; after three albums and six singles (the latter three of which didn't chart), Lisa Marie now presides over Elvis's (considerable) Graceland estate. Nice work if you can get it.

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