Thursday 21 November 2019

Celebrity Diary with Fashion Blogger 'So Sue Me', aka Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson/Facebook
Suzanne Jackson/Facebook
Suzanne Jackson/Facebook
Suzanne Jackson/Facebook
Suzanne Jackson/Facebook
Suzanne Jackson/Facebook

Suzanne Jackson

I'm always thinking of ways to improve my website So Sue Me and at the moment I'm working on a brand new re-design which is going to launch in March.

It's very different, so I can't wait to reveal it to all my readers.

I'm going to work on new content as well - I want to write about healthy eating and exercise and include some more travel posts as well.

I have lots of readers but there is more competition than ever these days so I never want to take my success for granted.

I could never take a step back from my blog.

Suzanne Jackson/Facebook

Sometimes I plan what I'm going to write about but most of the time I blog about what inspires me on that day.

It looks like it's going to be a busy year - I'm in talks with a few brands about going to fashion weeks around the world.

I'm definitely going to London Fashion Week but I really want to head to Milan as well as go New York again.

I also have workshops booked in for six counties.

I love travelling around Ireland to meet different readers at my events - I feel so lucky to have such loyal fans both in Ireland and across the world.


Since I got back from my holiday in Egypt with my boyfriend Dylan, it's been non-stop.

I've been so busy that I now have an awful flu.

But it was brilliant to get away at the start of the year as the last few months, especially around Christmas, ware just so busy.

Suzanne Jackson/Facebook

I launched my second book, called So Sue Me: What Happened Next, in November as well as my new collection of make-up brushes for Crown Brushes, so I really needed the break.

It was a fantastic week away - we went to Egypt last year as well and we just absolutely loved it.

The resort was beautiful and it was very relaxing.

We spent time at the pool, in the spa and going out for dinner - it was lovely.

On the Saturday I got back I had to rush to the Spencer Hotel for my workshop and I've been so busy ever since.

Suzanne Jackson/Facebook

I love doing the workshops and meeting fans around the country.

We do make-up and hair tutorials and fashion shows as well as a blog talk - it's a lovely day out.


We're already talking about where we are going to go on our summer holidays so I'm making sure I'm in shape.

I really want to focus on eating healthily because when I'm busy I'm always eating on the go which isn't very good for you.

Jessie Kavanagh - a personal trainer who works with some well-known people - approached me and said that she could train me and get my figure more defined, which is what I want.

So I'm on an eight-week eating clean plan where I eat five times per day.

It's all clean food - all dairy and gluten free - I'm eating as much as I want but I can't have too much sugar or salt.

Jessie wants me to come off the booze as well but I'm not sure that I can do that.

Suzanne Jackson/Facebook

I love a few glasses of wine on the weekend to unwind.

It's my treat to myself at the end of the week so I might not be able to do that as well as the healthy eating but I'll try.

I'm also working out three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

As I work from home most of the time and it takes time to head to the gym, Jessie comes to my house and we do 40-minute sessions which are brilliant.

I have always believed that if you're going to want to lose weight you have to eat natural foods and work out regularly - I don't believe in juice detoxes or anything like that.

It's all about eating regular healthy meals and getting the work outs in.

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