Monday 22 January 2018

A List: Forever Young - the stars with eternal youth

Gwen Stefani looks incredible at 44.
Gwen Stefani looks incredible at 44.
Gwen Stefani pictured in 2004.
Jennifer Lopez in 2001.
Jennifer Lopez looks younger at 44.
Jared Leto over a decade ago.
Jared Leto as he is today.
Winona Ryder looks a good ten years younger than 42.
Is Winona's secret her big eyes?
Paul Rudd a decade ago.
Paul Rudd as he is today.
Keanu Reeves in 2003.
Keanu's facial hair is thicker.

These A-listers appear to have located the fountain of eternal youth, retaining the glow and skin tone of a 20-something well into their forties. We could ask why, how, or who their dermatologist is, or we could just stare in awe.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block is as fierce as she was in 2001, but actually looks even younger at 44 – check out that flawless forehead!

Jared Leto

His beard is bushier, his mantelpiece weighed down with an Oscar, but those baby blues (and lack of crow's feet) mean Jared is still the spits of Jordan Catalano.

Paul Rudd

To many women, he'll always be the plaid-shirted dreamboat Josh from Clueless – and apparently, he'll always look like it's 1995 too.

Gwen Stefani

She's as fond of fuchsia lippie as she was in 2004, but platinum blonde singer Gwen looks as incredible at 44 as she did a decade ago.

Winona Ryder

Is the secret to eternal youth having really big eyes? Perhaps. All we know is that Winona looks a good 10 years younger than 42.

Keanu Reeves

Like Jared, his facial hair is thicker, but that's the only discernable difference visible on Reeves' face since 2003. The mind boggles.

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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