Monday 23 April 2018

8 pictures that prove Victoria Beckham is secretly the funniest person on Twitter

Victoria Beckham/Instagram
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Jamie Tuohy

She may be renowned for her pouty and stony-faced public persona, but Victoria Beckham’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are anything but dull and sombre.

The 41-year-old fashion designer, who once famously said that she doesn’t smile because she has “a responsibility to the fashion community”, is secretly a laugh a minute! Here are our favourite virtual utterances from the artist formerly known as Posh Spice.

1. She's really Naughty Spice


Victoria famously christened her husband as ‘Golden Balls’ for his impressive skills on the pitch (and of course for another reason that we’re far too shy and retiring to explicitly point out). VB had us all flustered when she shared this snap of the cheekily named doughnuts, referencing her husband’s naughty moniker. David proved he’s just as devilish as his wife when he posted this pic of Victoria posing in front of one of his campaign posters for his underwear collection with H&M, saying he was proud of her for “grabbing NY by the balls.”


2. She multi-tasks with the best of them


Victoria recently travelled to Singapore for Fashion Week and used her social media accounts to share some of her struggles with her millions of followers. This image posted to her Instagram account of Victoria doubling up as a cleaner and had us in floods. You just can’t get the staff these days, eh V?


3. She knows how to #FightTheFrizz


Victoria coined the hashtag #FightTheFrizz to document her follicular battles with Singapore’s notoriously-humid climate and our hearts went out to her when she posted this pic of her unkempt mane last week. Okay, we didn’t feel that sorry for her as she has super-stylist Ken Paves on call to tame her tresses but this shot had us cackling!


4. She's not afraid to expand her business


Last September, Victoria opened her first high-end store in London’s Dover St. and ever the astute businesswoman, the former Spice Girl proved that she’s always in business mode and scouting for new ways of expanding the Beckham empire. Somehow we think it’d take more than a lick of paint to bring this place up to Posh’s standards!



5. She paints her dog’s nails


Victoria left us floored when she posted a pic of the family’s dog Coco with a full pink manicure. It’s clear nobody is safe from being Posh-ified in the Beckham household and Victoria said that because Coco is a French bulldog, she needs help when it comes to glamour, so the nail-painting is absolutely essential.


6. She dons only the most appropriate gym attire


In her iconic 2007 unambiguously-titled documentary, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, VB stated that her worst nightmare was being pictured in flats and while she has warmed to them in recent years, it seems that gym wear and office wear are one in the same thing for the fashion designer.

This image of Victoria getting her daily jog on while doing some office work went viral and we’re obsessed with the fact that she can even stand on the treadmill in heels, let alone contemplate moving on it!


7. She’s the queen of self-parody


For anyone who says that Victoria is in any way hostile towards her former Spice Girl bandmates, just take a scroll through her social media pages, which are filled with adorable and hilarious throwbacks to their time together. This pic had us aghast for a number of reasons, not least because she’s in flats (Valentino), but also because we adore Victoria’s ability to poke fun at herself!


8. She knows that everywhere and everything is a photo-op


Victoria Beckham proved she’s a gas ticket when she used the relatively menial task of filling up her car’s tank to pose for this hilarious impromptu photoshoot at the petrol pump. And why wouldn’t she?

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