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11 times we wanted to be best friends with Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers & Tiaras on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers & Tiaras on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers & Tiaras on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Tom Hanks spoofing Toddlers & Tiaras on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tom Hanks is a living legend.

Not simply because he's at the top of his game (two Oscar wins and five nominations) or the fact that he's played of the most cherished actors to ever grace our screens.

He's also hilarious. And we really, really want to be his best friend.

1. He destroyed Donald Trump in one foul swoop.

Tom Hanks ripped into Donald Trump's 'locker room talk'

In a lengthy commentary on the US Presidential candidate, he managed to call him a "self involved gasbag of a candidate" and say he was

"That’s just not right, I’m sorry. It’s not right at work, it’s not right in the locker room. It’s wrong, period. The end. That’s all," he said.

Who is he voting for? Well..

"It’s kind of like if you have a horrible, painful tooth, and you need a root canal. Who are you going to see? A guy who says, ‘Oh, I think I can figure that out, how to do a root canal for you. Lay down.'

"Or are you going to see somebody who’s done 6,000 of them, has a degree on the wall and has a great history and expertise when it comes down to it.”

2. He photobombs fans on the regular.



Especially if you're drunk. Or just pretending to be drunk. In 2012, a fan pretended to be passed out to get an epic set of photos with the star. Hanks obliged because he's a legend.

3. He performs random acts of kindness.

xtom hanks 3.jpg

Hanks stumbled across a New York university student's Fordham ID in 2015 and tweeted her to return it safely. Lauren xxx was reunited with her ID card and also received a note from the star,

4. He knows a good photo op when he sees one.

tomhanks (1).jpg
'Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings!' Hanks wrote Tom Hanks / Instagram

While out for a jog in New York, he was literally welcomed with open arms by a newlywed couple who were having their wedding photoshoot in Central Park. He happily posed for selfies and even posted the pics on Instagram.

5. He tweets photos of random gloves, hats, socks and shoes on the street.


xtom hanks.jpg

And makes it seem like a must-follow series.

6. He has so many awards, it doesn't really matter what happens to them anymore.


After his 2012 Emmy win for Outstanding Miniseries or TV Movie for Game Change, he shared a photo of him sellotaping it to the hood of his Rolls Royce. Because this is Tom Hanks' life.

7. He collects vintage typewriters...and gives in to bribes related to them.

Chris Hardwick, who we now know as host of The Talking Dead, started out as founder of Nerdist and convinced Hanks to appear on a podcast by bribing him with a 1934 Corona typewriter. And we love him for it.

8. He makes jokes like this.


9. He and Rita Walson are actual #CoupleGoals.

toma and rita.jpg
Rita Wilson shared an image on her Twitter account with her husband Tom Hanks

The couple wed in 1988 and are one of the most solid couples in Hollywood. When asked about what keeps their marriage ticking?

"I wish there was a secret, you know. We just like each other. You start there."

10. He knows how to handle modern technology appropriately.

11. That time he did Toddlers & Tiaras for Jimmy Kimmel.

Toddlers & Tiaras is one of the most ridiculous shows on television and as a father of four, Hanks took the opportunity to spoof it in spectacular fashion in 2011.

"If she wants to go into the business…she can. When your kids have dreams I back them up," he tolk Kimmel of his six-year-old "daughter" Sophie as she entered into the ‘Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada’ pageant.

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