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11 iconic moments ruled by Irish female celebrities

Twink: The panto star and her beloved Teddy Bear at home in Dublin. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Miriam with choker

Jamie Tuohy

The good, bad and hilarious from Ireland's best known female celebrities...

1. Nadine Coyle lies about her age on Irish Popstars


“15/06/85, making me a Gemini. Wait, what date of birth did I say?” Way back in 2001, the nation was rooting for a 16-year-old Nadine Coyle to find her passport, so she could prove to Linda Martin she really was 18 and simply made a mistake when she gave the wrong date of birth on camera. Alas, it wasn’t to be, as the dulcet-toned Derry beauty had lied about her age and her time in Six was almost as short-lived as the band’s success.


2. Crystal Swing introduce themselves to the Irish public


It’s hard to believe that Mary, Derek and Dervla have only been around for five years, but the all-singing, all-dancing family trio from Cork irrevocably changed the Irish musical landscape when they released their incomparable cover of He Drinks Tequila, leading to an appearance on The Ellen Show. We’re not even joking. This was major!


3. The Dublin Wives appear on Midweek


Dublin Wives, the TV3 reality series which followed the lives of some of the city’s most pampered socialites, was an endless display of champagne-fuelled one-liners and catty comebacks. When the cast appeared on Midweek to promote the series, the interview conducted by Colette Fitzpatrick quickly turned sour as two of the stars Jo Jordan and Danielle Meagher continued their ongoing feud and spurned iconic one-liners such as “This is Ballymount, it isn’t Béal na Bláth!”


4. When Jean Byrne wore that dress


Back in 2009, Jean Byrne cemented herself as a style icon to be revered when she delivered the weather report in an edgy gúna that was closer to a space blanket than the usual attire of an RTÉ weather reporter. Fabulous and fearless, is our Jean.


5. Kathryn Thomas invades the stage on The Voice of Ireland

If there’s one Irish celebrity we’d love to go on a night out with, it’s Kathryn Thomas. Remember this iconic moment on The Voice of Ireland when she thought a contestant’s performance was over and ended up appearing on the stage while he was still mid-song? While any other presenter may have winced in embarrassment, Kathryn was unfazed and started dancing along to the performance.


6. Amanda Brunker plays Oxegen

Model, columnist, author and singer – is there no end to Amanda Brunker’s talents? Amanda held the nation’s mouth agape back in 2011 when she took to the stage at Oxegen, opening with a cover of U2’s With or Without You. A historic moment in Irish music, I think it’s fair to say.


7. Twink and Teddy's disappearance

Twink: The panto star and her beloved Teddy Bear at home in Dublin. Photo: Gerry Mooney

The tale of Adele King and her briefly dognapped terrier, Teddy, gripped the nation late last year. Their story is one of hope, tenacity, resilience and elation. As Twink made numerous pleas on national television and other various news outlets for Teddy’s safe return, a tip-off led the pooch back into the arms of his doting owner.


8. Celia Holman Lee’s ice-bucket challenge

Eternal style icon and ageless beauty Celia Holman Lee is a class act. Therefore, it’s no surprise that for her ice bucket challenge, Celia was dressed to the nines in head-to-toe red, carrying a matching handbag, which she then hilariously used to hit her husband Ger with after he covered her in the ice.


9. That time Linda Martin tore strips out of Billy McGuinness on live TV

There is certainly no messing with Linda Martin - as Aslan’s Billy McGuinness found out the hard way on the Eurosong episode of The Late Late Show. After McGuinness questioned the credibility of the judging line-up, Linda Martin took him to task live on air and the result made for TV gold.


10. That time Anne Doyle was everything you wanted to be

If you ever needed reminding of Anne Doyle’s razor-sharp wit and glorious sense of humour, just watch this clip of her on The Late Late Show. Asked by Ryan Tubridy why she “never got a husband”, the former RTÉ newsreader replies: “I borrowed the odd one, but I always sent them back in good condition.”


12. And finally … Miriam O’Callaghan’s choker

Miriam with choker

This may have only happened a few weeks ago, but this will go down in Irish pop culture history. Simply amazing.

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