Friday 23 August 2019

Caroline Flack defends 'Love Island' against claims of lack of 'body diversity' on show

Caroline Flack will be hosting Love Island again this year (Ian West/PA)
Caroline Flack will be hosting Love Island again this year (Ian West/PA)
Flack has said she has to remain professional (Ian West/PA)

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Caroline Flack has defended 'Love Island' after Jameela Jamil hit out at the lack of body diversity on the show.

The 'Love Island' host insisted she admires Jameela's campaigning on body image but says the 'Good Place' actress is wrong about the show.

Love Island 2019 contestants.
Love Island 2019 contestants.

She told The Sun newspaper: "She’s always criticised the show. I wonder if she’s actually watched it, because it isn’t about what you see on face value.

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"I’m a massive fan of Jameela and what she stands for. I’m not in any way putting her down, I really like her.

“Of course, people will look at things on face value and judge them, but the show is so much more than that, it really is.

“And you can only cast a show on who’s right for it, in a relationship sense. It’s a dating show. You can only choose out of the people that apply.

“They’ve just got to be right in that moment, they don’t cast it because of what they look like, it’s who’s in the right moment.”

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Jameela is not the only star to slam 'Love Island' with former 'TOWIE' star Lucy Mecklenburgh also hitting out.

She tweeted: "Sorry to 2 b negative as so many are super excited about Love Island.

"Just to be clear I'm not body shaming them for being this size/shape but why not mix it up a bit!! but y are all the girls size 6-8 & all the guys have a six pack?"

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