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Amber Heard arrives 90 minutes late for Johnny Depp divorce hearing


Amber Heard arrived 90 minutes late for divorce proceedings

Amber Heard arrived 90 minutes late for divorce proceedings

Amber Heard arrived 90 minutes late for divorce proceedings

Actress Amber Heard has risked the wrath of judges at her divorce hearing by arriving an hour and a half late.

The 30-year-old filed for divorce from Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp in May (16) after 15 months of marriage, and on Saturday, Amber was supposed to attend the deposition in Los Angeles at 10am.

Despite her lawyer Samantha Spector arriving at the office's of Johnny's legal representative, Laura Wasser, at 10.15am, Amber was nowhere to be seen.

TMZ reported that Amber finally arrived at 11.30am, having driven up to the front entrance of the building but, not wanting to be photographed by the waiting paparazzi, she found a more private entrance to go in.

The early morning deposition comes after both sides reportedly tried to hammer out a deal to end the marriage on Friday night (05Aug16).

However, TMZ adds negotiations broke down at 9pm, and now another member of Johnny's legal team, Blair Berk, will lead the questioning at the deposition, which will continue for most of the day.

Berk will take a particular interest in Amber's claims the 53-year-old was physically abusive towards her during their union.

A week after filing for divorce, Amber submitted a photo of herself sporting what appeared to be a bruise on her right eye as evidence along with her request for a domestic violence restraining order.

The actress claimed the injuries came from Johnny hitting her with a cellphone two nights before she decided to end her marriage.

However, TMZ reports Johnny's lawyer will ask Amber a number of questions about the fact the police officers who arrived at their L.A. home that evening saw no evidence of physical injury and no damage inside the unit.

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The deposition, which Johnny is not set to attend in person, will also address Amber's financial demands as part of the divorce.

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