Sunday 21 January 2018

Alan Hughes: gay marriage is a ‘basic human right’

Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick
Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick
Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

The TV3 anchor spoke about his hopes to one day marry his partner Karl Broderick.

Following an interview with Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst about her appearance at Gay Pride, Alan joined his co-anchors Sinead Desmond and Anton Savage this morning to discuss his right to marry.

The TV personality has been in a civil partnership with his partner Karl since 2011, but if the right to gay marriage was passed he would marry as it is a ‘basic human right’.

Alan is adamant that like other gay couples, he does not only want to officially marry Karl so that they can adopt children:

“There are so many people who want to get married and who have no interest in adopting children or going down that road, it’s just a right to be able to say I’m able to get married, I have a marriage certificate.”

“I mean the children thing is not going to affect me because I don’t want to have children but for those who do, there are so many rights there that need to be sorted and by being legally married, will be sorted at that stage and that’s what people in this country who are gay and lesbian are looking for.”

When Sinead brought up a recent Red C Poll which showed that 76 percent of Irish people were behind gay marriage, Alan said he does not believe this to be a true picture.

“It looks like they are supporting same sex marriage, but don’t be fooled because there’s a lot of people in this country who don’t believe in homosexuality and don’t believe in same sex marriage.

“If that referendum wasn’t carried next year it would be such a kick in the teeth to people who are in love and want to be married and want to feel equal and for the country to turn around and say no, you’re not equal.”

When asked what the difference between a civil partnership and marriage meant to him, Alan said:

“Just to have that I am allowed to be married like any other person in the country. It seems like a basic human right to be able to be married to someone which at the moment you cannot do.”

Alan explained that he just wants to be equal with heterosexual couples.

“People will make comments like ‘it’s not natural’, ‘you’re in love with a man so you shouldn’t be married’ and there are going to be people who have those views.”

“My view is that I happen to be with a man who I love very much and there are lots of people who are in love with women and it’s just a right that we should be able to marry that person and be on equal footing with everybody else in the country.”

“There will be people who say ‘oh if I disagree with it then I’m going to be called homophobic’. No you’re not being called homophobic, of course you have rights, everybody has their right to say ‘no, I disagree with something’ but at the same time hopefully we’ve moved on so much that it is just a right to be married.”

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