Thursday 23 November 2017

Braidy bunch: how gym bunnies can achieve a cool look

Fancy pants plaits: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Mark Condren.
Fancy pants plaits: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Mark Condren.
The Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light.
Baby Lips Balm & Blush
Herbal Essences Clearly Naked (0%) Dry Shampoo.
L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strength hairspray
SkinCeuticals Metacill Renewal B3.
A-lister: Tyra Banks.

Triona McCarthy

Need some beauty inspo to switch up your look? Our beauty buff has the latest must-have products, styles, and places to go to get the spring looks you will love

Triona's trends

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strength hairspray

Check me out with my fancy-pants plaits - or braids, as everyone calls them now since we've all become fluent in American. This is probably thanks to our constant feed of the Kardashians and, yes, it was those big-ass broads who inspired my hairdo this week.

They're called 'gym braids' or 'boxer braids' but, eh, I'm not really heading off to the gym in this snap! The lovely Joanne Kelly worked her magic on me here.

However, if you are a gym bunny, it's a cool look, as well as being durable enough to be able to work up a sweat and still look good walking out, or, in my case, crawling out the door of the gym!

To do them yourself, brush out your hair, then divide it down the middle. Then start at the very front by making a regular braid, but each time you cross a strand over another, grab another small section of hair from the loose hanging pieces and incorporate it into the section you're crossing over. Then do the same on the other side.

So it's just French-plaiting, really. Remember to spray L'Oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strength hairspray, above, €8.99, to give extra holding power.

Braids are also great for nights out and the morning after the night before. Simply pull out the plaits and you have a whole new beachy look to match your hangover!

Just spritz on Herbal Essences Clearly Naked (0%) Dry Shampoo, below, €4.29, and you're good to go have a Bloody Mary!

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked (0%) Dry Shampoo.

Triona's trick

Hair fragrances are a big trend this season - but a clever way to fragrance your hair without having to splash the extra cash on a new scent specifically for your tresses is to perfume your hairbrush rather than your hair, as this prevents the alcohol in the perfume from damaging your hair and drying it out, which you don't want.


See the light

The Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light.

Gone are the days when you took photos on your camera, sent the film away and just hoped for the best. I loved going to the chemist to pick up the prints, the element of surprise was ridic!

Nowadays, technology allows for the best possible version of you, and with numerous filter options and gadgets galore, you can finally look like the supermodel you always wanted to be!

I can't live without my latest gadget, The Night Using Selfie Enhancing Flash Light, above, €9.99 - it's a bit of a mouthful, I know, but it's basically a flash light that attaches to your smartphone and allows you to create gorgeous pics and videos thanks to the LED flash. The little accessory works best in low-light situations and will highlight your best features, a must for all the selfie pros.

Oh, and here's a tip - always turn your phone upside down when you take your selfie, it's easier to press the button and you look 10 times better in the picture!

Eye see

A-lister: Tyra Banks.

If you fancy fluttering long, full and fabulous lashes that take a lil more than an hour to do, last for six weeks, and cost only €49, then you need to hot-foot it straight to make-up artist Christoph McCormack from Christoph Eye Couture in Dublin's Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

He's the best in the biz, having looked after the lashes of numerous A-listers such as Tyra Banks, above, and also Cheryl Whateverhernameisnow.

As these lashes are made from silk, they stay soft and each treatment is tailored specifically to the individual, so you get exactly what you love.

While you're there, Christoph's make-up range is also a must as it's a really well-edited selection of essentials.

Tel: (01) 209-1974, or see

"Cause if you like the way, you look that much/Ohhhh baby, you should go and love yourself . . .'

We have a serious addiction to Justin Bieber in my house. Mini, my one-year-old, likes nothing more than to wiggle her way round the coffee table with Maxi belting out the songs on his Peppa Pig microphone.

Although I sing my own version of Love Yourself, inserting 'f*ck yourself', which I think is what Justin is really trying to say to that wan he wrote the song about.

Triona's most wanted

SkinCeuticals Metacill Renewal B3.

'Cause if you like the way you look that much/Oh baby, you should go and f*ck yourself/And if you think that I'm still holdin' on to somethin'/You should go and f*ck yourself.'

If you'd prefer to love yourself looking a little younger, then SkinCeuticals Metacill Renewal B3, above, €110, is a must. This daily corrective moisturiser works to combat early signs of photoaging - in other words, dullness, discolouration, wrinkles and loss of elasticity - by strengthening the skin's moisture barrier, stimulating surface skin-cell renewal and boosting hydration volume, thanks to the cocktail of super ingredients, including vitamin B3.

I absolutely love it, and really notice a huge difference to my skin.

Cult product

Baby Lips Balm & Blush

Congratulations to the marvellous Maybelline New York family on the arrival of their brand new, em, baby - Baby Lips Balm & Blush, above, €7.49.

Baby Lips, a cult favourite since its launch in 2011, is a must-have for practically every teen girl I know.

Anyhoo, with its non-sticky formula, this pocket-friendly balm for both lips AND cheeks (available in four shades - Innocent Peach, Flirty Pink, Booming Ruby and Shimmering Bronze) leaves you with a lovely sheer wash of colour - yes, even on ould wans like myself!

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