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Young skins... Triona McCarthy on how to look like a teenage supermodel


Our beauty buff Triona McCarthy with Armani's new Crema Nuda. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Our beauty buff Triona McCarthy with Armani's new Crema Nuda. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to return to our screens

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to return to our screens

Redken's Braid Aid 03

Redken's Braid Aid 03

Clarins' new Mission Perfection Serum

Clarins' new Mission Perfection Serum

Armani's new Crema Nuda

Armani's new Crema Nuda

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Cleanse off mitt

Cleanse off mitt


Our beauty buff Triona McCarthy with Armani's new Crema Nuda. Photo: Gerry Mooney

This week, our sweet-smelling beauty buff tells us how to get the skin of a teenage supermodel, catwalk-ready hair and the scent of something quite extraordinary, Intrigued, much?

Triona's trends

My little boy Maxi is a 'pure McCarthy', as we say in West Cork. He's 'the image' of my Dad, the late Paddy Mac, and he's also the 'head off' my younger brother Gavin.

I'm also very like my father's side of the family, so I look at my Auntie Eileen and my Auntie Mary, Dad's sisters. They are two very glam ladies who look like young wans. I hope I look like them as I grow old disgracefully. You see, up to 50pc of ageing is inherited from your Mum and Dad.

However, the most important factors are things such as sun exposure, smoking and stress. The other 50pc - how you care for and protect your skin and the lifestyle you lead - is up to you! Here are my top tips.

1. Clean up! Don't use wipes, instead, try the Cleanse Off Mitt, €3.50, secretfashionfixes.ie. This quickly removes all make-up naturally, including mascara, and no cleanser is needed! Just add water to the mitt and remove all make-up and grime from the face.

At night, use Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, €38, to revitalise skin, reduce wrinkles and increase luminosity, for skin that feels smoother and firmer.

2. Use protection!

Dior One Essential City Defense, €52.50, is the first anti-toxin skincare shield against urban pollution and UV. It also claims to help to block toxin accumulation and has SPF 50 to protect the skin.

3. Truth serum.

Clarins' new Mission Perfection Serum,  €60, targets dark spots, evens skintone and illuminates skin, for a healthy and radiant glow. It's the biz - I wonder if my aunties use it!

Triona's trick

If you have deep-set eyes like mine, that can sometimes look only half open, I have the best tip ever from Max Factor ambassador and make-up artist Caroline Barnes. Do not use highlighter under the brow, as I've always done, as this only exaggerates how deep-set eyes are.

I now use a peachy base colour and then a darker shade for definition and the difference is huge. As in huge eyes!

You only live once

Prepare to be amazed! The future of foundation has arrived. May I present to you Armani's new Crema Nuda, used in my photo,  €130, Brown Thomas.

Now before you balk at the price tag, just let me explain. This is neither a foundation nor a BB or CC cream - instead, it's a tinted cream that covers imperfections with a formula that is so lightweight, it feels like I've forgotten to put my make-up on!

When I first got it, I thought, 'For that price, this had better give me the skin of an 18-year-old supermodel!', and let me tell you, this 'nude glow treatment' treats, corrects, and blurs imperfections. It also adds a natural glow, as it contains anti-ageing ingredients.

It's like an enhanced way to do 'natural', and gives skin a diaphanous, youthful, radiant look.

It would want to, says you, for that kind of money. The tiniest bit is all you need, and you really don't need anything more. So remember, YOLO (you only live once)!

New York 90 minutes

Sex and the City fans rejoice! Sarah Jessica Parker is set to return to our screens with a new show, Divorce, written by Irish actress and writer, Sharon Horgan. Like SATC, it will be filmed in NYC and I'm thinking that the style and the grooming will be smokin' hot!

At Christoph Eye Couture in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in Dublin, they have a very New York-style beauty blitz package, with lash extensions, brows and a shellac manicure for €125, all done from the one chair.

Sit back and relax while your brows are beautified, your lashes lengthened and your nails groomed to perfection in just 90 minutes.

It's a massive time-saver.

Christoph Eye Couture, tel: (087) 183-3388, or see christoph eyecouture. com

Triona's most wanted

There are eau-eau-oceans of fantastic fragrances out there, but truly classic ones are an altogether rarer breed.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, from €65, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, and has been updated in various editions since. However, the original is still a great favourite among many women, especially in Ireland.

I went to the launch in Paris back in 2005 in Colette, the cult concept store, and got to meet the creators, Dutch design duo Viktor and Rolf. Since then, I've had it in my fragrance wardrobe. It is a fragrance every Irish woman should have. There are so many ladies who can testify Flowerbomb was, or will be, their wedding day fragrance. Wink, wink!

It was originally exclusively available at Brown Thomas, and to this day it is one of the most popular fragrances at the department store.

Flowerbomb is essentially an explosion of flowers and unlike most fragrances, it has no top, heart or base note - it is a rounded fragrance, so even its architecture is totally unique. It's a truly personal scent, and it differs from person to person because the ingredients that come through the strongest depend on the individual's pheromones. The bottle is as bold as the scent. It looks like a pink diamond with a pink-gold metal top - very haute couture detailing, dontcha think, dahling?

Cult product

'These days, people are very aware of what's going on in fashion. They want to know how to create the looks, and they need products to achieve that,' according to Redken Global Styling Director Guido, the creative force behind runway hairstyles for Prada, Lanvin, McQueen and more.

Guido's new collection of three must-have hairstyles is inspired by his most iconic looks: volume, braids and metallic effects. For these, he has three new products, Stay High 18 High-Hold Gel To Mousse, Braid Aid 03 Braid-Defining Lotion and Metal Fix 08 Metallic Liquid Pomade, all €23, to let you take the runway to reality. The tips and tricks to achieve them are inside the product box.

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