Saturday 24 February 2018

Winter hair survival tips

Aisling Keenan on protecting your hair against the elements

Is your head wrecked? In the literal sense, I mean. Has your barnet seen better days? If so, help is at hand, and you won’t need to remortgage your house to afford it either.

My hair is thin, brittle and not a very nice natural colour. To combat this, I got blonde highlights, turbo blow-dried it and backcombed until I looked like Helena Bonham Carter. All I wanted was a little volume. We all do these things, so don’t think you’re alone. At the moment, there seems to be only one girl with perfect hair.

That’s Kate Middleton and she’s about to become a princess. You don’t have her resources, though, which means you’re probably guilty of the typical hair crimes — hair gets thinner and more brittle, so we whip out the hairspray and set the straighteners to ‘cremate’. By the time winter rolls around, we look like we’ve stuck our fingers in a socket. Follow as many of the following tips as you can handle and be proud when you take off your winter hat to reveal gorgeous, glossy locks.

Looking for the perfect product? Here are my picks:

Kérastase Nectar Thermique, approximately €24, from Kérastase salons nationwide.

While this stuff is a little on the pricey side, its effects are well worth the money. Kérastase products do what they say they’ll do. It has heatactivated ingredients that protect hair from all the harshness of winter.

Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle, approximately €5.59, from all good chemists and supermarkets.

I don’t know where I’d be without Aussie. Bald, probably. Aussie products are on the cheaper end of the scale, thankfully. The 3 Minute Miracle is, I must admit, a miracle worker. If your hair is in dire need of moisture and a minipampering session, but you’re on a tight budget, there’s no better product.

L’Oréal Elvive Damage Care Leave-In Treatment, approximately €7.49. from most supermarkets and pharmacies.

This new product has the potential to be the ultimate hair saviour. It works by restoring your hair’s natural cement. I know what you’re thinking — cement? In my hair? Trust me, your hair will feel as smooth as silk after one use.

All prices correct at time of going to print


Don’t blow-dry your hair completely dry. To avoid removing the natural moisture, leave it at 85pc dry then style,

Lay off the straighteners for a bit — it won’t hurt. Your hair will reap the rewards very quickly. If you must use them, try a heat protector beforehand to create a buffer between hair and heat.

Even if you keep your hair long, regular trims help keep it in good health. You don’t have to get an Emma Watson pixie crop or anything — an inch off the end will do.

Eat well. Things such as fish, dark-green vegetables, beans and lentils all build strength in your hair.

Don’t waste your life craving rope-thick hair. Many of us are stuck with naturally thin locks, but don’t despair. Love what you have. All healthy hair looks great.

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