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Who needs sleep - how to massage the puffiness from tired eyes


Perfect that wing

Perfect that wing

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Combating dark eye circles

Combating dark eye circles



Perfect that wing

As late nights and early mornings begin to take their toll, the first place to show the effects is the delicate under eye area.

Because the skin under the eyes is so thin and eight hours snooze time is a luxury for many of us, the area is a dead giveaway of our lifestyle and an indicator of our overall health.

There are a myriad of causes for those pesky under-eye bags including high salt retention, allergies, or a poor diet.

Expensive creams and cosmetics aside, there are many topical ways to help reduce their appearance, but did you know the answer could be right at your fingertips….literally.

If you have tried everything from Creme De La Mer to potato slices, consider going back to basics.

Internationally renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge says that the causes of swollen under-eyes could be anything from cholesterol to genetics or lifestyle.

In the informative tutorial below, the makeup maestro shows how easy and effective ‘facial lymph drainage’ can be to targeting puffy peepers.

A Lymphatic Flush Facial Massage is also effective at treating bloating anywhere in the face.

Try it yourself at home to reap the benefits of salon pampering with none of the associated costs.

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