Monday 20 November 2017

When bad make-up happens to good people

Nicole Kidman has a Bridget Jones moment with her make-up at the New York premiere of 'Nine' in 2009
Nicole Kidman has a Bridget Jones moment with her make-up at the New York premiere of 'Nine' in 2009
Paris Hilton has an oops moment in South Korea when she gets lipstick all over her teeth
PARIS - SEPTEMBER 13: Taylor Momsen sighting on September 13, 2010 in Paris, France. (Photo by Trago/FilmMagic)

Emma Jane Power

FROM Nicole Kidman’s panda eyes to Paris Hilton’s lipstick- stained teeth, there’s something satisfying in knowing that even A-listers have bad beauty days.

Here are the most common make-up blunders. And, more importantly, how you can avoid making the same mistakes as our celeb pals.

Beauty blunder 1

You always get lipstick on your teeth

AVOID IT: After applying lipstick, slowly glide a finger through the middle of your lips and back out again. Any excess product will stain your finger, not your teeth.

Beauty blunder 2

Streaks appear in your foundation

Nothing looks as dreadful as patchy streaks. Sometimes foundation dries before we have time to evenly blend it.

Put a blob of moisturiser onto your palm, rub it with fingertips to warm it up.

Apply this to the foundation, blending wherever there are streaks. Time is of the essence here. This trick is an oldie but a goodie, and works only with foundations that are not powder-based.

Beauty blunder 3

Your eyeliner has slipped off course

A slip of the wrist with liquid liner can ruin your entire makeup look. Rubbing the mistake with fingertips will only make the problem worse.

Dip a cotton bud into an eye make-up remover product, and erase any mistakes as you would with a pencil eraser.

Beauty blunder 4

Your foundation is too pale for your skin tone

If you don’t have the time to take it off and reapply a darker shade, reach for your tinted moisturiser, and blend this over the foundation. It’ll magically glide over foundation and can balance a pale colour in no time.

Or reach for your bronzing powder, and add a light dusting all over your face.

Beauty blunder 5

Your foundation is too dark for your skin tone

Sorry, but you’ll have to start again with a more natural colour. You can always salvage the foundation shade by mixing it with a paler foundation to tone down the darkness, and then start from scratch again.

Beauty blunder 6

You have just spent a fortune on the wrong shade of lipstick

Swept away by the bright kissers from the catwalks, you rushed out and purchased your favourite designer fuchsia, only to discover that the colour is disastrously wrong for your skin tone.

An insider make-up trick is to tone down pink lipsticks with an orange lipstick. You may not have orange in your kit, but there are two reasons why you should include it.

Firstly, it is one of the hottest lipstick colours of the season.

Secondly, if you have several shades of pinks and reds that are just too bright, this one small investment will revive and revolutionise them.

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