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What's hot: This week, I'm all about power-dressing

This week, I'm all about power-dressing. Well you would be too if you had just got your hands on Power (€8), one of seven gorgeous colours designed by lipstick legend Poppy King as part of her collaboration with No7.

This lippie, and its matching gloss, comes in a pretty rose shade which is just what any glamorous girl on the go needs to transform her work look into something more alluring.

I'm also loving Revlon's stunning new DoubleTwist Mascara (€10.50), which may be the perfect tool for full-on flutter.

If you're looking for a truly precious fragrance, forget roses and embrace irises instead. According to fragrance expert Roja Dove, iris is the ultimate luxury, more expensive than roses, more expensive than even the most costly jasmine.

For a little affordable luxury, check out Prada's Infusion d'Iris (from €59) and Chanel No 19 (from €54) which boasts a warm bed of the flower.

Finally, I'm making sure that I go to bed with a clear conscience by cleaning my face with Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish (€15.50, www.lizearle.co.uk), a plant-based formulation that takes a two-pronged approach to its job. Its creamy texture even removes stubborn mascara as well as the day's dirt and grime, while you can use its pure muslin cloth to dislodge dead cells.

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