Saturday 24 February 2018

Watch this face! My 30-day trial testing Avon's new anti-ageing cream starts now . . .

Katie Gunn
Katie Gunn

Katie Gunn

If there's one thing women of a certain age can be relied on to do, it's crossing their fingers and handing over their well-earned cash for the latest miracle anti-ageing cream. And at almost 40 I should know – I am one of them.

Over the years I have bought into countless claims that 'this cream will change your life', and countless times I have been left disappointed. But, undeterred, I'm still on the lookout for 'the one'.

So when I heard that Avon's new 'miracle molecule' cream had just been launched I went to take a look – what I didn't realise was that 60,000 women had beaten me to it.

Released this month and available through Avon for €39 for 30ml, ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment is formulated with A-F33 (Amino Fill 33) – which has been dubbed the 'miracle molecule' and is hailed by experts as potentially the most significant anti-ageing discovery since AHAs and the beloved Retinol.

With clinical trials reporting that 100pc of women saw a reduction in their wrinkles, and actress Anna Friel commenting that "As soon as I put on the Avon A-F33 serum, I noticed an immediate difference to my skin, which appeared smoother with a fabulous glow to it", it's no wonder that there was a 60,000 waiting list for it.

So just what is so wonderful about it? Well the promises are big. Avon claims that ...

  • Overnight – skin looks more youthful.
  • In three days – gives natural-looking wrinkle reduction.
  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles begin to look reduced in just seven days.
  • In two weeks – helps fill creases to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines.
  • 100pc of participants in the trial showed an improvement in the appearance of fine wrinkles after 11 weeks, while 96pc showed an improvement in deep wrinkling.
  • Five-out-of-10 women considering a cosmetic procedure who tried ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment said the serum improved their skin so much they decided to postpone the procedure.

So can the reality live up to the claims? Well I'm about to find out.

This photo was taken just before using the A-F33 cream for the very first time. I'm going to be applying it daily as instructed for the next 30 days and I'll be updating you on my journey to younger looking skin.

Naturally I'm hoping that this latest 'miracle' cream really is a gift from the gods – but we'll have to wait to find out.

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