Monday 11 December 2017

Vidal Sassoon looks at ankles when styling

Vidal Sassoon says the first thing he checks out before starting a haircut is the person’s ankles.

The legendary stylist is renowned for revolutionising the hair industry in the 60s. He is the man behind Mia Farrow’s iconic crop in 1968 movie Rosemary’s Baby, and also styled British supermodel Twiggy’s locks.

Vidal explained the way to create the perfect look for someone is to take into account how they look, and exactly what will suit them.

“They key to creating those styles was all about following a woman’s natural bone structure. But the balance was crucial – if a woman was 6ft. 2ins., you’d have to take that into account. I’d always ask her to stand up, so I could see her whole figure.

"Someone once said to me, ‘I suppose the first thing you look at is someone’s hair?’ and I said, ‘No, it’s her ankles,’” he explained in the June issue of InStyle magazine.

Vidal revealed one client had a special impact on him. A woman came to see him a year after she’d married, and was upset she’d put on weight.

She asked for advice and the stylist refused to cut her hair, instead sending her to Weight Watchers and getting Mary Quant to make some clothes for her.

The woman returned each month, with Vidal refusing to style her until she was back to her original size.

“After three months, she’d lost the weight and came in looking and feeling incredible. Then I spent a whole hour shaping her hair,” he said.

“She went to Mary and, of course, the clothes fitted perfectly. A couple of weeks later, a man tapped me on the shoulder, saying, ‘Are you Vidal Sassoon? I have to thank you. Because of you, I’ve got my wife back.’ It made me realise just how much we were there to help people.”

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