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Triona's Trends: Father's Day



With Father’s Day in the offing, our man magnet and beauty expert, Triona McCarthy, has a close shave this week, as well as lots of products both guys and gals will love.


Sharing is caring, and if you’re coupled up you’ll know how guys secretly steal your stash to use on themselves, and how sometimes, in emergencies, guys’ stuff can be useful for us lovely lassies. So, let’s talk about unisex products.

Skincare: New Irish company Human+Kind provide a pared-down approach to skincare with a capsule collection of multi-functional, unisex products. The All-In-One Day+Night cream, below, €23.95, is a must in my bathroom, while the All-In-One Family Remedy cream, €22.95, is a favourite with my brothers and their wives.

Tan: I’ve said before that a bad self-tan is like a bad boyfriend — it stains your sheets and puts you in awkward positions! Check out Sport Daily Tan, Fake Bake’s new unisex tan, which develops into a fab, natural-looking tan in an hour. SPF: If you must go in the sun, do as Sacha Baron Cohen does and use La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Velvet Lotion SPF50, right — currently on offer in pharmacies nationwide — €21.50 for 300ml. The Dictator star was recently papped with a large tube of it on a yacht.

Shaving: I always think bigger is better — boyfriends, boobs, and bank balances! But that doesn’t apply to Total Shaving Solution Oil, €5. This is 100 per cent Irish and natural, and contains lavender and menthol. A 10ml bottle lasts for 90 shaves — 2-3 times longer than your average foam or gel. It’s great for guys and gals who travel. Tip: if you’re out of your regular shaving product, sweet almond oil or olive oil can be used instead.


Can you ever have enough tips on shaving? Guys and girls? Well, here are some from Gillette: Shave after the shower. The warm water and steam of the shower will help hydrate the beard hairs.

Apply plenty of shave gel. This provides a protective layer and improves glide. It will also soften facial hair.

Leave the most vulnerable areas, such as the neck, and around the lips, until last, so the shave gel has more time to soak in and soften the hairs.

Shave with a multi-blade razor such as the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, below, €17.29, and use light, gentle strokes. Rinse the razor frequently to prevent clogging from the build-up of hairs. For facial hair that needs sculpting and for accurate edges, use a single blade.

After you’re finished shaving, use an aftershave product containing moisturising ingredients.


Listen up, lads, if you don’t want to go the George Clooney way and embrace the silver-fox look, then you need to check out HennaPlus Men’s Own, right, €12.99, the professional hair colour specially formulated for men.

Grey hair disappears in just five minutes, and it’s super quick and easy to use.

It gives a really natural result with superior care and shine and, best of all, it’s also suitable for facial fuzz — that’s beards, moustaches and sideburns.

Men’s Own is available in three shades: black, medium brown and dark blond. HennaPlus products are available from leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide


Remember this? “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat, and wipe the seat.” Or: “Notice there is no ‘p’ in ‘seat’. Let’s keep it that way.” Growing up with four brothers, I made a poster with this pithy statement on it. These days, I prefer to put something nicer in the bathroom for them, like L’Homme range from French brand Roger&Gallet, available in pharmacies nationwide. L’Homme Aftershave Balm, left, €15.25, contains aloe vera and white tea which calms painful razor burns, something all men can do without. It also hydrates and refreshes the skin for up to eight hours. L’Homme Eau De Toilette, €39.75, has a wonderfully masculine scent while L’Homme Sport, €39.75, offers a contemporary fragrance: clean and fresh, with a hint of fruit. L’Homme Shaving Foam, €13.25, softens, soothes and moisturises the skin with allantoin and aloe vera. Finally, L’Homme Hair and Body Shower Gel, €11.75, with ingredients like coconut oil and ginseng, will leave your skin delicately scented and silky.


If you’ve only ever used baby powder for ‘chub rub’ or chafing — you know, the place your thighs rub together if they’re a bit on the meaty side; baby powder helps ease it — here’s another use.

Sprinkle a little baby powder on the underarms and the collar of a shirt, then iron those areas. The powder forms a barrier that prevents oil and grime from seeping into the threads.


I adore my boyfriend Will — everybody thinks he looks like Tim Roth. Yes, gingers are having a ‘moment’ — check out Marcia Cross, left, a recent guest on The Saturday Night Show. Anyway, Will totally gets me. For instance, he totes understands why I need 23 pairs of black shoes. He knows the difference between cream, ivory, and off-white. He never comments on my fat clothes. A good man might be hard to find, but so is a spa with great treatments for men.

Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa is close to Dublin, and its award-winning Seoid Spa is set over three floors, and has one of Ireland’s most extensive thermal treatment facilities. Treatments include facials, massage, Rasul chambers, dry flotation, balneotherapy and the deluxe hydrotherapy pool. But it’s the Just for Men package, €70, that gets the thumbs up. It begins with a 20-minute sauna. Next, a seaweed detoxifying balneo bath, followed by a Voya mini facial or foot and leg massage for 25 minutes. Just what your man needs to recharge the batteries.

Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa, Dunboyne, Co Meath, tel: (01) 801-3500, or see www.dunboynecastlehotel.com