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Cinema Secrets brush cleaner €14.09

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner €14.09

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner €14.09

I am moving again! I recently moved in with Will, which is great, but I had to leave behind my very girlie two-bed apartment. I loved my old apartment, which, in my home office, had my ‘wonderwall’ — as I called the wall full of precious things.

They are all currently in a box — covered in dust! I thought I didn’t have that much stuff to move; I was wrong.

So maybe now’s the time to talk about how long we should keep our make-up and beauty supplies.

Foundation and concealers should be replaced every six months. Store them in a cool area, as heat and humidity can cause the ingredients to melt and separate.

Lipstick and gloss can last up to two years. However, if you notice a funny whiff, dump them and treat yourself to a new tube, such as Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick in Folky Pink, below, €8.49 — a soft, flattering shade.

Blush and bronzer are good for six to nine months, but mascara is one of the most common places for bacteria to live, because of its wet nature, so keep it for three months, tops.

Perfume lasts about two years. If you resist the temptation to display the bottle and stick it in a drawer instead, it’ll keep for longer.

Cinema Secrets Make-up Brush Cleaner, left, €14.09, www.cinemasecrets.ie, is a must-have for keeping your brushes clean and then they’ll last forever — hopefully. This is a heavy-duty product: it cleans and removes all make-up from brushes and kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria. And it leaves no oily residue!