Saturday 14 December 2019

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If she's got a little flush to her cheeks this week, it’s because cosmetics queen Triona McCarthy is bursting to tell you about the brilliant beautifying benefits of blusher

Ooh — it’s nearly November, and my skin looks as grey as the sky above. But blusher is the business for bringing me back to life when I’m looking a bit rough.

Ruff, ruff! But what if you don’t know where to apply blusher? Simply turn your head upside down, bring it back up, then blush where you flush! Apply blusher correctly, and you'll take years off your face in moments. Blusher should add a visible warmth to the skin, so it’s better to build it up gradually.

Still available till the end of this week is this limited edition of Bobbi Brown’s iconic Shimmer Brick, left, €44, in support of Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Throughout this month, Bobbi Brown is donating the entire purchase price of the Pink Ribbon Collection, less Vat, to the Cancer Clinical Research Trust at St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin.

Thanks to its combination of five colours, you can emphasise your cheeks beautifully. The result is a fresh, radiant look. Blusher’s best friend is a highlighter, and I’m loving Lancome’s La Base Miracle, above right, €27.50. It boosts the skin’s light reflection to the absolute maximum and it also sculpts the facial contours using light. Use it alone, under or over foundation, in small touches or all over the face.

Pat it on the very tops of your cheekbones, above and below your brows, down your nose and on to the inner corners of your eyes. People will wonder why you look so lovely!

Triona's tricks

I have the world’s weakest nails — they are so soft and bendy, Wendy. Me no likey, so I try not to use them as tools, fools! Seriously, sisters, that means no unscrewing screws with them, or prying things open or picking things up with them, and always using rubber gloves whenever I’m playing domestic goddess. Hmm — more like domestic Godhelpus.

Beat the years

Lately I’ve been looking in the mirror, and I don’t like what I see. I look like my older sister. Trouble is, I don’t have an older sister. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new super cream that really works, and it won’t break the bank.

It’s called Sublime Energy by Roc, and the concentrate, right, and moisturiser, far right, €49.95, make up the two-step process in the daytime part of the range. The night-cream duo, €49.95, and eye-cream duo, €39.95, work in the same way.

This innovative skincare range uses E-Pulse, or bioelectricity, to combat ageing, dark circles and under-eye bags. The two steps can be bothersome to begin with, but once you start seeing some results, it becomes worth it. It’s the first range in a long time that has made me sit up and take notice, and my skin is thanking me. Now I’m beginning to look like my younger sisters!

Be good, gals

This Unicef special edition of LIFE magazine has made me realise I should always live my life as best I can. I believe if you give, then you will receive, many times over. A good deed a day is uplifting, whether it’s helping a friend out, donating to charity or supporting a very worthy cause such as Unicef.

Good things should happen to good people, a sentiment which makes me think of Good Things products. A face mask doesn't have to take hours. This Five-minute Facial Face Mask, left, €8, by Good Things is so quick, you can use it for a quick, brightening boost in the evening before you go out.

It’s a true multi-tasker, designed to make your skin clearer, brighter and smoother, all at the same time. Top ingredients include green clay and kaolin to draw out impurities, avocado oil to moisturise, goji-berry extract to soothe and willow-bark extract for radiance.

After cleansing, smooth on a thin layer avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. Relax for five minutes while the mask dries, then splash with warm water and rinse.

Cult product

I love to glam on the go. My nails are normally anointed in a nanosecond, and my curls created in a cab on the way to something. Now I can do my eyes as well, with this all-in-one beauty tool that makes creating the smoky eye-look easy-peasy, in just two simple steps.

Max Factor's clever new Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow Pen, right, €9, features two crayon-type tips that make blending easier — essential for goers, sorry, on-the-go girls, like myself! One side is rounded, so you can apply the lighter shade across the lid and the other side, which is darker, is tapered for defining. There are six colour combinations, ranging from beiges and greys to teal and aubergine.

Triona's most wanted

Dermatologists agree that the FDA-approved Fraxel re:store laser is the gold-standard treatment for severe sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation — but it is painful. I tried a quick zap to see what it was like — holy mother of moisturiser — never again! But do bear in mind that I have no pain threshold whatsoever. So, the solution: Fraxel with mild sedation, carried out in The Clinic. The procedure is painless, and because the settings on the laser can be increased, the patient only needs three sessions instead of the usual five. Sessions are one month apart, and each one takes about 30 minutes. The patient can return home straight away, and downtime is three days. There will be some redness and swelling, so most patients have Fraxel on a Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday. The cost is €950 for each session, and this includes the anaesthetic fee. The sedation is carried out by a consultant anaesthetist, and all Fraxel procedures are carried out by cosmetic dermatologists. I wonder if Cindy Crawford, left, has tried it!

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