Monday 18 December 2017

Triona McCarthy's Most Wanted

Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin
Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Triona McCarthy

Green Goddess

Regular readers will remember how I referred to my late sister, Tricia, as Tree-Hugging Tricia, because of her love of all things environmentally friendly.

I, on the other hand, could get completely seduced by pretty packaging.

However, when I was pregnant, I really started to get interested in natural and organic beauty products that have minimal impact on the environment and are super-safe on the skin.

So now I try to champion them wherever possible, just like beauty gurus, Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey, the ladies behind the biggest selling series of beauty books in the world – the Beauty Bible books.

The latest in the series, The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible, has a handy new daisy rating system because there are different sorts of 'green' beauties.

Some products are 99 per cent natural and certified organic – they are marked with three daisies.

Two daisies are given to plant-derived products with no synthetics or petrochemicals, while the one-daisy group are mostly natural, with a small percentage of synthetic and/or petrochemical ingredients.

I love all the tips featured as well as – for the first time – the recipes included to try in my kitchen. So, if you're a beauty junkie with a conscience, you should add this new book to your library.


Pillow Talk

I'd love it if my pillow could collect my dreams every night. Then, in the morning, when I wake up, I could plug my pillow into my computer and watch them all over again.

That would be fine – except, every once in a while, I have this dream that I'm eating lots of marshmallows. Num, num, num, num!

Then, in the morning, when I wake up, my pillow is gone. Hahahahahaha!

Redken's Pillow Proof collection (see what I did there – seamless) consists of two brand-new, blowout styling products.

The Blow Dry Express Primer, left, €19, helps protect hair from heat damage, and it also speeds up the blow-drying process.

The Two Day Extender, €19, meanwhile, helps to keep my blow-dry looking fresh for a few days after I get it done.

So, it's like a fancy dry shampoo, really.

If, like me, you blow-dry and style your hair a lot, these are must haves.


Cult Product

Philosophy's Time in a Bottle, right, €69.90, from Arnotts, is nothing short of a modern-day skin miracle product.

This serum is unlike other serums, in that it goes beyond treating just the signs of ageing. It targets the source: the DNA of the skin.

Once you are ready to start using this, just pour the vial of potent vitamin C into the main bottle, so that the vitamin C will remain at its highest potency, and you will get maximum results.

A month of usage showed that the pigmentation I had from pregnancy had improved dramatically, while some minor scarring on my cheek from squeezing a spot – please don't judge me – has now completely vanished.


Triona's Most Wanted

I popped along to the Dawson Spa, formerly known as the Mandala Spa, recently, to give my skin a bit of a boost and get it glowing like actress Rachel Weisz, left.

Natalie, my therapist, suggested that I try their new detoxifying, Illuminating Facial Treatment, €80, from the world-renowned Irish brand skin-care Voya.

It started with a foot cleanse and facial cleanse, followed by a pressure-point massage – which really relaxed me.

Growing up by the sea in Schull, in west Cork, I spent my life trying to swim away from seaweed.

However, during this facial, I had some applied to my face during the mask to allow my pores to open and soak up the certified organic goodness.

The treatment works with Voya's Get Glowing facial mask, which is packed full of marine antioxidants, minerals and skin-loving botanicals.

A pressure-point facial massage followed, which targets deeper muscles in the face to release any build-up of toxins, and improve the radiance of skin, and restore a glowing complexion.

It sent me into a deep state of relaxation.

It finished with Natalie giving my arms and legs a deep stretch and, needless to say, my skin looked and felt amazing.

To book a treatment, tel: (01) 671-7099, or see


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