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Triona McCarthy: Tips for the top


Triona's trends: Ladies, it’s time to let your fingers do the talking with the season’s must-have shades and designs for every budget.

Floral prints are always a big trend on the spring runway, but now floral nails are, too. Both Katy Perry and Rihanna have been seen recently sporting trendy floral talons. Treat yourself to a visit to Wah Nails in Harvey Nichols, where florals are their forte, tel: (01) 291-0424.

Or, if you fancy doing it yourself, there are lots of kits to try out the trend at home. Nail Rock, £6.50, at www.topshop.com, do sticker-style transfers in lots of designs, including florals.

Stand out from the crowd by creating your own nail art with IsaDora’s new Graffiti Nails. Apply IsaDora Wonder Nail, €7.50, as a base - there are lots of colours to choose from. After the base coat has dried - give it about five minutes - apply a single stroke of IsaDora Graffiti Nail Top, €7.50.

This dries extremely quickly, and, very soon after you apply it, you will notice a different graffiti pattern appearing on each nail. Minx were first out with the nail-sticker trend, but now you can DIY at home with essence Studio Nails Nail Fashion Stickers, €2.49.

Simply prepare the surface of your nails by buffing them gently. Hold the transfer at the cuticle base, heat with a hairdryer and press down one side, then the other.

They last for a good week. Lancome’s Aaron de Mey predicts this season’s nail look will be the disco manicure. Lancome’s lavender shade, 359 Lavande, €16, coats the entire nail, while 004 Disco Silver, €16, a silver tint, emphasises the nail tips to dress hands disco-style: a perfect duo of mini disco polishes.

Twenty8Twelve’s spring/summer 2011 show perfectly projected this season’s polished look with a burst of hot colour added to nails using Max Colour Effects in the show-stopping Red Carpet Glam, €7.50. I actually always match my nails to my knickers, so I’m loving this next trend the best.

Keep your nude nails perfectly filed and paint them with Revlon’s Gray Suede, above right, €9 - you can’t make a mistake with this, and it elongates my nails. It’s also a big favourite with Florence of Florence and the Machine. There you go now. Nailed it!

Triona's tricks

If you’re a bit of a tanimal and have a build-up of tan on your skin, then try my home-made scrub to prep your skin before applying more tan. Mix two big spoons of sea salt in a container along with one big spoon of sugar with the juice of one lemon.

Apply to the body in the shower with an exfoliating mitt and buff like the clappers.

Great hair in a spin

There’s nothing like a great blow-dry to make you feel good, now is there? I said blow-DRY! Get your heads out of the gutter, and get your hands on the new Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Brush, €59.99, available nationwide.

This is a must for anyone who, like me, has no hand-to-eye co-ordination and regularly blasts their nasal hairs rather than the hair on their head with their hairdryer. Not a good look.

With this girls’ gadget, you can turn your bedraggled barnet into beautiful hair in no time, and look like you just stepped out of a salon. The hot air comes through the brush, like a standard hairdryer, but press a button and the brush spins to create curls, waves or straight hair.

It’s soo much easier than blow-drying with a round brush. Try it — you won’t be disappointed.

Kitty comfort

So I have a new little kitten called Daphne. Daphne Guinness McCarthy is her full name as, just like the enigmatic Ms Guinness, my lil kitty has black and blonde hair. She arrived at our front door in Schull on Christmas Day — from where, we don’t know. I literally opened our front door to let my brother, Justin, and his wife and kids in, and this little kitten bounded in the door with them.

Anna, my baby sister, Facebooked all our Schull friends to see if anyone was missing a kitten, but nobody was. Then I got to thinking about when my sister Tricia was dying. I used to tell her she had to do things when she was gone to let me know she was around me.

And now I’ve come to the conclusion that she sent Daphne to us to keep us company. Tricia and her boyfriend, Tim, used to have a cat called Ginger, so we had his basket and his cage and all of the necessary cat-related bits and pieces.

So Daphne wants for nothing. She gives me great comfort as I pet her and stare into her fabulous cat’s eyes. For your own fabulous take on feline eyes, look out for Technic Cats Eyes lashes, £2.99 to £3.49, from www.lovethymakeup.com

Cult product

It was a very dishy doctor called Dari who first told me all about Neutrogena’s new Multi-Defence Daily Moisturisers, including one for night, all €9.49.

This new range has been developed to help protect the skin from the damaging environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution, cold, heat and wind.

A normal Irish day, don’t you think? Formulated for all skin types, with an SPF and UVA/UVB protection as well as Prot-Aox technology, and enriched with moringa seed, vitamins C and E and yerba mate.

There are also wipes, €4.49, and a daily scrub, €4.99, available in the range. That’s all the beauty gain without any of the price-tag pain.

Triona's most wanted

Now’s the time to bag yourself beauty bargains galore with lots of salons and spas offering great deals. Marissa Carter, from Carter Beauty in Blackrock, below, has a New Year, New You Detox Package for €155. It’s actually normally worth €325.

Now that’s what I like to see. The treatment takes two and a half hours, and during this time you get: A skin analysis and consultation, including Dermalogica skin mapping; A deep-tissue back, neck and shoulder massage, or a leg and foot massage; A detoxifying body-sculpting cellulite wrap; A deep-cleansing back scrub; A Dermalogica multivitamin customised facial.

Best of all, in the interests of time-conscious professionals, they are open seven days a week, which includes five late nights. For more special offers, see www.carterbeauty.ie