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Triona McCarthy: Thrift shop

Heaven: Triona McCarthy in her Saint Laurent shirt. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Heaven: Triona McCarthy in her Saint Laurent shirt. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Brush egg.
Beauty spoons.
Jasmin et Cigarette
Neom Organics Real Luxury candle
Compact Folding Hair Dryer
Triona Palermo pictured at the recent launch.

Triona McCarthy

Willful waste makes woeful want, according to our savvy beauty expert, who also sniffs out a new perfume this week

Triona's trends

See the Saint Laurent shirt  I have on in my photo this week? I haven't taken it off me for about a month! When I buy something 'good' I like to 'get the wear out of it' - by this, I mean I put it on for every photo, and event, and then I 'retire' it. By this, I mean I pass it on to a consignment store, they sell it for me, and the cycle starts all over again.

I have always preferred quality over quantity, so the same goes for my make-up and my skincare. I prefer to have one really good lipstick - I'll use it right down to the very end, even scooping the last little bits into an old pot. The same goes for creams - I even have a set of Beauty Spoons, €9.99, that I bought on to scoop out every last ounce of a product.

The satisfaction I get from this is unreal! I swear I've never used my Beauty Spoons for Nutella and mayonnaise jars as well!

I still have some make-up brushes from the very first set that I bought when I trained with Bronwyn Conroy over 20 years ago now. They were expensive at the time, but they've lasted because I take good care of them and wash them weekly with the BrushEgg, €5, from Using the Brush Egg means I only need the teeniest amount of baby shampoo, as too much product will dry out the brushes' bristles. The grooves on the bottom of the BrushEgg agitate the bristles just enough to release product, dirt, and oils, without stripping them.

I sound like great fun, don't I? I just hate waste, and I love spending money on stuff I like, so if I can find ways to fund my expensive taste, I'm all about them.

Triona's trick

Moo-juice is just marvellous for the desert-dry skin that's often caused by too-hot showers, not enough moisturiser, cold weather and central heating. Arms and legs suffer the most, as they have less oil glands. So make like Cleopatra and add a glass of milk to your bath. The natural fats and lactic acid will help exfoliate and soften the skin. #moovember

Ready, steady, Freddie

Next time you're in Dublin, do yourself a fragrant favour and drop into Parfumarija, the niche perfume boutique in the Westbury Mall on Clarendon St, D2, with exclusive scents in very sophisticated surrounds.

The star of the show for me is fragrance consultant Freddie Jones, and I had a thrilling conversation with him about perfume, as he knows everything there is to know. We tried out Etat Libre d'Orange, a French niche line by former Givenchy perfumer Etienne de Swardt, who is noted for exploring the risque side of perfume. A case in point being Jasmin et Cigarette, from €65, which Pearl Lowe told me she adores, when I interviewed her a while back.

We also tried Illuminum's White Gardenia Petals, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day; and Eight & Bob, a recently rediscovered cologne, created originally for a young John F Kennedy, and famously smuggled out of wartime France for the future US president.

Golden wonder

Feast your eyes on this Neom Organics Real Luxury candle, €43. Isn't it just gorge? The gold splash makes it look so damn luxe, and once the candle is gone, the container makes a great vase or, in my case, make-up-brush holder. Saving cents again!

But now, back to the 100pc natural candle, which is fragranced with jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian rosewood, as well as 24 essential oils, expertly blended to help reduce stress levels, boost energy and lift your mood. As it's a treatment candle, you burn it for half an hour to form a pool of deeply nourishing oil, which - once you blow out the candle and allow it to cool for two minutes - you can use all over your body. It's a great one to gift as well. To me!

Triona's most wanted

Forgive me if I get all fangirl-y over fashion-and-beauty icon Olivia Palermo, but having not paid that much attention to the star, I'm suddenly obsessed with her, after we hung out recently at Dublin's Brown Thomas, when she was over to launch her luxe, yet well-priced, beauty collab with Ciate!

As I expected from the fashionista, pictured at the launch, the collection - which she's expanded from nail polish to include make-up - really reflects her own beauty style. "I think of make-up like an accessory, as it completes your entire look," she told me. I have to say I just adore how everything is housed in luxurious black-and-gold packaging. Olivia told me this came about from the way she mixes up different textures like gold jewellery, leather and suede, when she's dressing.

The four Satin Kiss lipsticks, €22, come in stylish shades and glide on so smoothly, while the Smokey Suedes eyeshadow palette, €39, comes in nine of Olivia's favourite shades.

Then there's the Smoked Out gel kohl liners, €16, in black and fig with blending tips, and the Cheekbone Cheat blusher/bronzer duos, €28, designed to contour and add warmth.

Cult product

Hotel hairdryers always feel like asthmatic mice wheezing on me! They're just useless.

So I was thrilled to hear my favourite hairdyer in the whole world, the T3 Featherweight, has a new friend - the T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer, €145, from Space NK or Harvey Nichols. The petite, powerful dryer packs all the features of the full-size dryer into an ultra-light body - making blow-drying a, um, breeze.

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