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Triona McCarthy: The gift of beauty


Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid
Bioderma Mini H2O Christmas gift set
'Essence made to sparkle surprise bag',
Self-Adhesive Black and Gold Face Gems
Lush Sleepy Body Lotion
Ruby Chute

Triona McCarthy

Our beauty buff guides us through the gift-giving season, from stellar stocking-fillers to Santa-approved skin care



I always say that a candle is a very chic gift - like this Cire Trudon Lumiere candle, above, €95, available from Brown Thomas. Japanese amber, enhanced with a leathery note, makes for a super sophisticated Christmas candle. The slipknot symbol adorning the box celebrates longevity and eternal life in Japanese culture. And that's exactly what I love about them - because they last a lifetime as make-up-brush holders once the candle is used up!


Ruby Chute

One of my must-stops on Grafton Street for chic, shoppable fashion and beauty products is & Other Stories. If you're looking for stocking fillers, this is the place for affordable, gorgeous gifts, and it's somewhere unexpected! Pick up a beautiful ring or pair of earrings, then head into the beauty section and peruse the natural French make-up range. I'm totally taken with Blusher in Cassis Etoile, €19 - a mauve-pink beauty that doubles as a sultry eyeshadow, and would look great on Gigi, pictured right. Another fave would be the Nail Polish in Ruby Chute, above, €9. It's a classic red that would please all ages, from the Hadid gals to their mum, Yolanda.


Bioderma Mini H2O Christmas gift set

This brilliant Bioderma Mini H2O Christmas gift set, above, €12, with its travel-and-handbag-sized make-up-removing micellar waters, is a must. The Sebium H2O, below left, is designed for combination-to-oily and acne-prone skin. It thoroughly cleans, helping to prevent pore-clogging and subsequent breakouts. Sensibio H20, below centre, tackles foundation and eye-make-up with ease, while Hydrabio H20, below right, is ideal for a dehydrated or sensitive face, removing make-up without drying or irritating.


Wrapping paper is rubbish, so I prefer to get creative and use alternatives, such as old magazines, newspaper or fabric. I sometimes invest in decorative boxes that can be used as storage - particularly for make-up - after the present exchange is over.


Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Originally brought out as a limited-edition product for Christmas last year, Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, above, €10.95, is back by popular demand after peeps went cray-cray for it, calling it a "miracle insomnia-curing product".

Having tested it myself, I wouldn't

go so far as saying it cured my occasional insomnia, but it definitely smelled good and I - eventually - slept soundly. Be warned, though: it constantly sells out.


'Essence made to sparkle surprise bag',

My nickname is Christmas Tree-na - geddit - due to my love of looking like a human Christmas tree, eh, all year round, actually, such is my love for glitter and glam. But embellishments, my friends, are not just for dresses! Applique, sequins, glitter, face art - it's all de rigueur for the upcoming party season.

Manish Aurora's autumn/winter 2017 runway beauty was a beautiful display of carefully-placed pearls around the face, and it looked stunning!

Make-up has been taken to the next level, and, as Christmas approaches, the bolder, brighter and more fantastical, the better.

For dazzling smackers, an 'essence made to sparkle surprise bag', above, €2.90, comes with a lightly glitzed lipstick, which the included golden sequins then stick to. And if you want to get creative and stick them around your eyes, just pop a little eyelash glue onto your skin and lightly press the sequins down.

These essence bags remind me of the super luxe Pat McGrath lip kits, but at a more purse-friendly price - in fact, everything in the essence range is fabulous value, making it my go-to when trying out new trends.

Topshop also have Self-Adhesive Black and Gold Face Gems, below, €5, that are perfect for creating face art. Pop several of the smaller stones just under the eye, below the bottom lashes, for a real party-ready effect. So simple to apply, but the end result looks amazing!

Self-Adhesive Black and Gold Face Gems

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