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Triona McCarthy: Renew


Triona's trends: ’Twas the month after Christmas, and all through the house, Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse. Well, readers, did you overdo it? Me, I fell completely off the wagon. So I now look and feel like an ageing Sumo wrestler. So here are the basics to get me back in business.

1. Cleanse: Your face needs a thorough cleansing at least once a day— and preferably twice — to remove grime and dead skin cells. The Johnson’s Daily Essentials Range is very pocket-friendly, and The Gentle Exfoliating Wash, €5, is perfect for pores.

2. Moisturise: The more frequently you use your moisturiser, the better your skin will look and feel. If you are still looking for the perfect moisturiser, use Mushatt’s No 9 product range, from €8.99, which includes Mushatt’s Skin Cream, and Skin Ointment, They cater for both dry and extra-dry skin. Best of all, it’s Irish!

3. Body brushing: Get into the habit this year. It’s a relaxing way to get softer skin and it helps get rid of dead cells. These body brushes from the Body Shop, from €10, are great.

4. H20: Water is essential to keep both your insides and outsides clean and healthy. You should drink about 1.5 litres every day.

5. SPF: We need it, even in winter. No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream, €28.49, is designed to protect the skin against ageing.


Normally, I don’t drink, but when I do drink, I don’t drink normally. Ha! So, yes, I’m all about staying in this month — because I’m broke — and I need to get myself back to normal after all the festive fun. In fact, my hangover prescription is: drink two tall glasses of water, and have a long soak in a bath of Epsom salts; they are an inexpensive way to help beat the bloat.


I’m not really a gym person — just look at the photo of me above — no Madonna arms there. My sister Laura brought me to her gym a while back. Never. Again. The next day the only way I could brush my teeth was by laying the toothbrush on the sink and moving my mouth back and forth over it. I gave up jogging for fire and safety reasons as my thighs kept rubbing together and setting fire to my knickers.

Video of the Day

But guess what? While languishing on the couch, watching TV and eating takeaway, I saw an ad with David Beckham, right, for EA Sports Active 2, €99.95, an interactive fitness tool, and thought — I could do that. Available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, It’s so easy to use and is a nice alternative to the gym for people like me who are lazy — sorry, time-poor — and also don’t want to commit to the expensive gym fees.


With money, you can . . . Buy a house, but not a home Buy a clock, but not time Buy a bed, but not sleep Buy a book, but not knowledge See a doctor, but not good health Buy a position, but not respect Buy blood, but not life Buy sex, but not love Hmmmm! Well, with the bit of money I had left after Christmas, I bought this Mac Caviar Dreams eyeshadow quad, €47.50, from their new Cham Pale collection. These great colours suit everyone I have tried them on, and will last all year. I use Retrospeck, a “beached blonde” colour on the centre of my eyelid as it makes my eye colour go pop.


Lidl skincare is my very favourite skintcare. Lidl, in fact, offer a range of quality skincare solutions at the lowest possible prices. I particularly like Lidl’s own-brand Cien Med Sensitive range, from €1.99. The range is dermatologically tested and designed to help regulate moisture content in the skin, and it’s perfect for skin that’s hibernating under those winter woollies and is tortured with central heating during these dark, chilly months of winter. And, at these prices, there is no excuse not to indulge in a spot of welldeserved pampering.


Do you fancy a fresh start? Lost your job or need to change your career? Maybe you’d like to add a new string to your bow? I know just the thing. Why not train to be a hairdresser? John Maher, from Queen Beauty Emporium on Aungier St in Dublin, has just started Queen Hair Academy. So far he says it mainly consists of people changing direction, having worked in their 20s and early 30s in different industries. John has a salon in his hometown in Thurles called Q Salon. He is organising a bridal package doing hair and make-up using the guys in Queen, and with the sister of Ronan from Town Bar and Grill, Sinead Ryan, an awardwinning photographer.

Perhaps England’s future queen — Kate Middleton, with Prince William — should take a look. Queen Hair Academy, 66 67 Aungier St, D2, tel: (01) 478-9633, or email info@queenbe.ie; Q Salon, Mitchell St, Thurles,Co Tipperary, tel: (0504) 91111

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