Friday 24 November 2017

Triona McCarthy on how to get a... Pretty Pout

Getting her lipstick out: Triona McCarthy
Getting her lipstick out: Triona McCarthy
Bourjois Color Boost crayons.
Clarisonic Smart Profile
Replica Lazy Sunday Morning
Tigi Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm
Back to school: Natasha Hamilton
Clinique chubby stick

Triona McCarthy

This week, our beauty buff is getting her lipsticks out for the ladies, and she's making smart skincare choices while lazing about on this Sunday afternoon.

Triona's trends

If you've been hanging out here with me for the last few weeks, then you'll already know that I'm championing a more subtle make-up look, as seen on the autumn/winter 15 catwalks. We've covered - excuse the pun - foundation and eyes, so now it's time to get lippy. While I might be well-known for a bright red or pink lip, now that I have two babies, I tend to wear more neutral colours. Bright colours are hard to wipe off baby; I'm always kissing Mini and Maxi. Invariably, their heads  get covered  in lipstick.

Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Mega Melon, €20, is great for that 'I've just been out for a walk' look. I also dab it on my cheeks.

Pencils feature heavily in my life right now. Maxi, my two-year-old, makes like Picasso with his colouring pencils, all over the walls, table, and, as I write this, there's a big purple line drawn on my keyboard.

I love how easy a pencil is; there is no need for a separate lip pencil to outline the lips, or a sharpener or a brush - with the new formulations, you just twist up, pop the colour on and you're done.

The Bourjois Color Boost range of lip crayons, €10.99, are very inexpensive but very effective. They give a glossy lustre without the stickiness of a gloss. Colour 07 Proudly Naked, is the perfect lippie to perk up your lips on the go, as the natural burst of colour can be applied without using a mirror.

Triona's trick

I've learned this trick the hard way! If I have a big event or a (rare) night out, I now apply my make-up earlier in the day. This means I just need to touch it up before I go, so I'm less rushed, and my make-up looks more natural and lived in, exactly how I like it. #timemanagementissues

Back to school

I read somewhere how Atomic Kitten and Celebrity Big Brother housemate Natasha Hamilton, has recently qualified as a fully-trained brow technician, having gone back to beauty school.

The mum-of-four must have done something like The Beauty Express School Run course at Bronwyn Conroy's, see This course is designed especially for busy mums, as it runs from 9.30am until 1 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so you can drop the kids off at school in the morning, come ready for class, and then be finished by lunchtime to collect them from school.

To get industry-ready and gain an ITEC Level 2 Diploma, the Blackrock- based beauty school has included the following modules: skincare and eye treatments; make-up; manicure and pedicure; waxing; professional conduct; and business awareness

Smarty McCarthy

Having had two babies in two years, it's great being able to say "oh, baby brain" whenever I forget something, or do or say something silly, but the truth is, I had baby brain long before I ever had a baby!

One thing I'm not silly about is skincare, and I never forget to clean my face, as I've been Team Clarisonic for the past few years. Now they've made me and my skin a whole lot smarter by bringing out the new Clarisonic Smart Profile,  €249, the next generation of Clarisonic cleansing. It's easier and more powerful, for a customised cleanse from head to toe - as it's a face-and-body cleansing device, as well as the Clarisonic Pedi system, all built into one chic unit!

Triona's most wanted

I hate waking up hungover on a Sunday morning, one eyebrow shaved and a mickey and a moustache drawn on my face . . . especially as I was drinking alone last night!

Haha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I can't actually remember the last time I woke up with a hangover. Remember, I'm more like Mother Triona these days, and that's why I'm drawn to Maison Martin Margiela, Replica Lazy Sunday Morning, €95.

The Replica range of fragrances is meant to arouse your olfactory imagination and transport you to a specific time and place. So this floral fragrance, described as "soft skin and bed linen", combines notes of lily of the valley, patchouli, iris, and white musk, to conjure up the feeling of lazing around in bed.

However, I also detected top notes of "I wish I could do this more often?" as well as "We could end up with baby number three if we're not careful!" and "I wish I didn't have such a mum tum".

Hee hee!

So it's the perfect, fresh fragrance to spray before you go about your own Sunday morning. But remember not to do too much, because lazy smells so damn good!

Cult product

Just like Karl Lagerfeld, Robbie Williams and Tina Fey - now there's an interesting dinner-party mix - I don't drive, so the only joyride I'll be getting is with Tigi Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm,  €25.

This new hair primer helps to create hip hairstyles by adding texture and grip. The balm is similar to a make-up primer, but it breaks down to a dry-powder feel to prevent fluffiness and frizz - making it the ideal base layer for any style this season.

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