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Triona McCarthy: Liptricks


Triona's trends: I love this time of year when we’re finally out of winter and all our black clothes. I’m really starting to embrace colour again, having spent all of last year in black. Colour definitely lifts my mood.

Even an inexpensive lipstick in a bright colour can do the trick nicely. It really is all about the lip this season — so pucker up, peeps, with my tips and tricks.

Now, a statement mouth is only as good as its application. You’ll want to avoid those awful ‘bleeding’ lipstick lines. So, before you apply your colour, start by applying a primer, like Armani Fluid Master Primer, €45, all around the mouth and on the lip line. Then line and fill in your lips with a pencil that matches your chosen lipstick. My absolute fave new lippie this season is Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique Lipstick, €33. I’ve been rocking a vibrant coral, colour 143 Nahema, but it’s the packaging I’ve also been going gaga for.

Basically, there’s no top on the lipstick — it just pops out with one hand movement. Recently No7 has collaborated with lipstick legend Poppy King — who I met up with lately — to create an exclusive range of lipsticks, including History, a delicious red, €16.25, and matching lipglosses, €14.95. I also love Glamour, a flirty pink.

Poppy prides herself on the ethos that a good lip colour can help women take on the world. “I am determined to make the glamour of past eras accessible to the modern woman,” Poppy said.

Triona's tricks

I know a lot of fun things to do with vodka, but the latest tip I picked up, courtesy of beauty therapist Oonagh Cahill, is to use some vodka on a damp cotton-wool pad as a toner.

Lots of the toners have alcohol in them, so it makes sense, and saves cents, as vodka cleans and closes pores.

Rub it out

I am Queen Eejit of the Eejit people. Seriously, I’m always making mistakes, especially when it comes to beauty blunders. I always make a right ol’ mess of my eye make-up — probably because I’m always rushing when I’m doing it. I must learn time management.

Video of the Day

Thank God for my latest discovery, Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen, €6.49. The felt-tipped pen contains Simple’s eye-make-up remover to correct make-up mistakes. It’s great for cancelling out errors without messing up the rest of your make-up, and that comes down to the applicator, which gives great precision and control. Such a handy littlenumber.

Rub it in

I recently met Solange Dessimoulie, the creator of Decleor Paris. What a little cracker — she was so passionate about her brand. She was here to launch some new products in her range, including Aromessence Slim Effect Gel, €61.10. Solange claims this 100 per cent natural serum of essential oils helps to refine the figure, with a visible reduction in the appearance of uneven, orange-peel skin. It smells divine. Apparently, the elemi oil drains and decongests, geranium tones and protects and rosemary stimulates and purifies. Other plant oils nourish and soften the skin. Apply the serum by massaging gently over the entire body, working upwards.

Concentrate on affected areas such as stomach and thighs. Solange says it improves the appearance of orange-peel skin and refines the figure. You could be looking as cute as Black Swan star Mila Kunis. For stockists, contact Graham Anthony, tel: (01) 822-2711, or see


Cult product

I always say that fashion and beauty are like two teenagers — they can’t take their eyes off each other. Seriously, you can’t have one without the other. Swarovski, as we all know, are famed for their fashion jewels, and now they’ve launched their first fragrance with Clarins called Aura, €52. The bottle is a real showstopper with its dazzling Swarovski crystal on top. The perfume itself is seriously sweet with notes of lychee and rose, while the heart of the fragrance is fabulously feminine with tuberose, and the base notes are pink pepper, amber, benzoin, and white musk.


Triona's most wanted

Davey Davey is the latest venture for uber-stylish brothers Ian and Paul Davey. Having sharpened their skills with their own Toni&Guy salon, they have continued their success by setting up this new sophisticated salon, below right, splat-bang in the middle of town on Drury St — which is my new favourite street what with all the cute little places and vintage shops, not to mention John Farrington’s famous jewels.

Anyhoo, I’ve known Paul and Ian for years and, let me tell you, they know how to treat you right without playing with your head. I love the way they just look at you and know what to do, with show-stopping results. The boys’ professional hairdressing services really are outstanding with the emphasis, of course, on customer care and attention to detail. Hair we go!

Davey Davey, 23 Drury St, D2, tel: (01) 611-1400, or see www.daveydavey.com

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