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Triona McCarthy

Triona McCarthy

Triona McCarthy

Triona's trends: Heat plus humidity equals havoc. So here’s how I heatproof my make-up. Actually, let’s get sun protection in there first, as that’s the most important thing you must do for your skin.

I particularly like the new Genifique Soleil range,€28.50 — there’s a face cream and a body cream. Enhanced with SPF15-50, they protect the skin but allow it to develop a radiant golden tan while remaining invisible and leaving no white streaks. Non-greasy and non-sticky, this range is resistant to water, perspiration and salt. Then I like to wear Maybelline SuperStay 24h foundation, €13.99, in the heat as it has the ability to resist heat, humidity, sweat and dryness, which helps it to last for up to 24 hours.

The coverage and colour looks natural without being cakey, while it diffuses light and absorbs oil. Next up I use a waterproof mascara, such as Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess, €29. The lash-liner brush, by means of a zig-zag movement at the roots, separates and extends the lashes, and the mascara has a black-brown sheen. I’m McLovin the gorgeous, lace-inspired Alice Temperley cosmetic bag, which is FREE when you make two purchases from Lancome. The bag, which is really quite snazzy and could easily be used on a night out, also contains freebies of a travel-size cleanser, toner and Genifique concentrate, as well as a mini-sized Hypnose mascara and Juicy Tube.

Triona's tricks

You are what you drink. If you’re flying off somewhere nice this summer — lucky you — remember that with recirculated air on the plane, your skin can get really dried out, so drink lots and lots of water before you go-go. Once the trolley dollies come along, stick to water and juice and avoid coffee, tea and fizzy drinks, as they are too dehydrating. Boring, but your skin will love you for it.

Wash and glow

Who would like some free pampering? Yes, you read that right: free pampering. Every time consumers buy a specially marked pack of Bold 2 in 1 with a Touch of Lenor freshness, below, they will get a free pampering session, available in a host of spas across Ireland. Consumers can claim their free pamper treatment with every purchase until December 15, 2011, by logging on to www.boldpampertreats.com, entering the 13-digit barcode from special promotional packs, and selecting their pampering session from the list of participating salons. Consumers simply have to download the online voucher and bring it to the salon to avail of a selection of facials, manicures, massages and other free treatments. Bold is available in either Ruby Jasmine or White Diamond and Lotus Flower scents.

Webby nice

I think it’s brilliant that two twenty-something Dublin dudes have recently set up a business called salonaddict.ie — it’s a really clever idea. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for all your hair and beauty needs. With listings of hair and beauty salons across Ireland, it gives you the ability to browse them all together online, as well as read reviews, pick the appointment of your choice and book. Let’s face it, we’re all a bit broke, so people don’t have the cash or the time to be calling around to salons looking for the best price or the next available appointment. So you can log on here and book a cut and colour from just €43, a 12-week blow-dry from just €109 or Shellac nails from just €19 — and get the look that Fearne Cotton, right, is flaunting. It is unbelievably easy to use. No more trawling through phone directories or calling salons. Simply log on to www.salonaddict.ie and choose which service you want.

Cult product

Video of the Day

My boyfriend tells me I need to put more men’s stuff on my page so he can have something to read and not just look lovingly at my pic every week. Aaw! So, boys, allow me to introduce you to the marvellous Armani Code Sport, €53. It’s the latest edition to the Code collection for men. Check this out: it has the highest concentration ever used in perfumery of ambrox, the absolute olfactive translation of physical desire. Raar! I’m here smelling it as I write this, and I think I might have to have a little lie down just stinking of him wearing it.

Triona's most wanted

A bit of Botox has become as normal as a haircut in certain circles. The tell-tale tight, shiny skin is always a giveaway. But I know lots of ladies who don’t do toxins in the face, but still want to look good. Step forward Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL) — an alternative with the same effects, using, according to makers, nothing more than light. IPL promises to rebuild sun-damaged skin, fade wrinkles and work wonders on pigmented skin, and even acne. IPL is similar to laser treatment, but uses different wavelengths of light, rather than just one beam. Bellaza Beauty Clinic owner Sue Machesney explains the popularity of her IPL machine: “After the age of 28, there’s hardly any new collagen production, so your skin gets thinner. IPL encourages it to produce collagen.” The treatment may, she adds, encourage hidden sun damage to the surface, but after around seven days, any pigmentation should vanish. Bellaza Beauty Clinic, 27 Ranelagh Rd, D6, tel: (01) 496-3484, or see www.bellazabeauty.com

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