Saturday 20 January 2018

Triona McCarthy: Extra time

She’s determined to spend more time in bed, so beauty expert Triona McCarthy has the lowdown on the best multi-tasking wonders to give you an extra five minutes between the sheets

Triona's trends: I love my bed. I’m not called Triona Bed for nawthin’, you know. With the mornings so dreary right now, if there is a way I can stay a lil longer in my leaba, I’m all for it. An all-in-one shower gel/ shampoo/body wash is a must, and philosophy’s be somebody, £12.80, is ideal.

A three-in-one shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, it has a sensual scent that’s irresistible and is sure to put me in a good mood for the day, see

Then you have to try the super-quick Paul Mitchell The Rinse Lightweight Conditioner, €18, which is so fast to use, and leaves hair soft and silky without any residue. My top tip is to put this in and, for the two minutes it’s on, shave your bits with the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze, a two-in-one razor, €9.99. Simply add water and the built-in gel bars soften your skin as you shave, meaning there’s no need for shaving foam. After a quick spray of Guinot’s Huile Satinee,€45, which requires very little rubbing in, it’s on to my face. No matter how pushed for time I am, I always wear an SPF product, even in winter. No 7’s new Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream, €27, is the first SPF 15 day cream to deliver five-star UVA protection. Then it’s a quick dab of foundation, blush, mascara and a natural-hued lipgloss, like the one I’m pictured with above, Lancome’s Colour Fever Gloss, €20, in colour 258, and I’m out of that door.

Triona's tricks

I’m completely deaf in one ear, so I hear things incorrectly all the time. Recently, I asked somebody what their favourite fragrance was and when they said “wee”, I thought they were taking the pee. It turns out it was a smelling pistake, and they actually said Oui by Lancome. To stop your favourite fragrance from going off and smelling like pee, store it in a dry, cool, dark place.

Frinkle magic

I have a new motto. Beauty fades, but funny is forever. Like it? I love it. I came up with it as I was looking at the frinkles — that’s the fun-induced wrinkles — around my eyes and decided, buck it, I’d rather have a few wrinkles from laughing than be a miserable, wrinkle-free wagon.

Anyway, a bit of blusher always livens me up and hides the frinkles, giving an instant healthy glow. But beware — too much and you’ll have more than a red face to show for it. Ha! Right now I’m McLovin’ New Cid Cosmetics’ i-glow in Coral Crush, right, €27.50, from House of Fraser; Debenhams, and . As the name suggests, the coral colour flatters most skintones, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up for party-pooped skin.

My new tan plan

Growing up in Schull in the Seventies, my summers were spent — whisper this now, as it’s considered a bad word — tanning. It was a serious job back then, one that required hours of practice with my best friend, Mary O’Mahony, in her backyard or at the beach. I was, if I say so myself, particularly good at tanning. My mum reckoned it was my “gypsy genes”. However, poor Mary was fair-skinned and foxy haired.

Mary was so white she was nearly invisible — Milkbottle Mary, I should have called her. One very hot afternoon, Mary’s mum, Nancy, told us all about tin-foil tanning. So we lay on tin foil instead of towels to reflect the sun, and tan faster. OK, I've had to block out the memories as they're still quite painful, but we're talking lobsters and lots of Sudocrem.

So, at 10 years of age, I resolved to live without a tan — that is, until Mary got us sucked into sunbeds — but that’s a whole other story. So Xen-Tan is my tan plan now, as it’s an easy-to-apply alternative to sunbathing, lotions and sprays, especially the Xen-Tan Mousse Intense, left, €29. See

Cult product

Clinique’s Repairwear Laser Focus, right, €35, has been getting sensational reviews. I’m a bit late to the party as I’ve only just started using it, but now I know what all the fuss is about. This potent serum targets wrinkles and sun damage — the two most prominent signs of ageing, which normally need some laser-love from a dermatologist to sort out.

However, in trials, this serum was 63 per cent as effective as having a professional laser treatment. It’s packed full of ingredients that lighten pigments and protect the cell structure. So, if laser treatments are too dear or too painful, this product is just the thing for you.

Triona's most wanted

I can’t believe it took me nearly two years to get myself down to Brown Sugar in Blackrock. I’ve always been a big fan of their city-centre salon, but Blackrock blew me away. It’s complete escapism. I’m talking about cappuccinos, cupcakes and all the best magazines, before we even get started on my hair or make-up.

The team of expert stylists revived my hair with a brilliant blowout. I’m very keen on Dearbhla Keenan and her amazing make-up skills. She transformed me in no time at all using Kohl, their own cosmetics line. I left feeling and looking like a better version of myself. A bit like the gorgeous Liv Tyler, left, perhaps? Brown Sugar, 36 Main St, Blackrock, Co Dublin, tel: (01) 210-8630, or see

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