Sunday 19 November 2017

Tried & Tested: Extra strong anti perspirant

An anti-perspriant that promises to protect even after a shower
Designed for those who find standard anti-perspirants inadequate, and lasts for days.
Mitchum Advance Control didn't leave any white marks.
Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro

These super-strength deodorants promise to save our clothes from stains as well as our fragile egos.

As the weather gets warmer (finally) and pastel colours become the thing to wear, we all want to avoid unsightly perspiration patches and stale sweaty smells.

I tried the women's versions, but the same brands are available in more manly scents.

Sure Maximum Protection

The Sell: An anti perspriant that promises to protect even after a shower.

Our Take: I first tried this product before Christmas, and found it incredibly effective.

While I don't perspire excessively or anything like that, I am always conscious of stains and while using this, I had absolutely none, even after dancing up a storm in a nightclub.

Then I ran out, and went back to my standard anti-perspirant spray as the Maximum Protection roll-on isn't cheap. However, I really noticed the difference between an ordinary anti-perspirant and this Sure product. I have never felt so fresh in my life as when using it, and that's worth the price tag in my opinion. My only worry is that it might be too effective – surely never sweating goes against the very nature of having sweat glands?

The only downside? It can stain your clothes white, albeit temporarily.

Cost: €7.79

Get it from: Pharmacies, supermarkets

Score: 9/10

Mitchum Advance Control

The Sell: Available scented or not, it promises to keep us dry and protected.

Our Take: I tried the unscented version, and found it sort of odd – probably because I'm used to the strong deodorant smell of most anti-perspirants that I guess I've come to associate with cleanliness!

This wasn't as effective as the Sure in terms of dryness all day long, but it didn't leave any white marks.

Also, I know many would be comfortable sweating a little as opposed to not at all, so I suppose this is the more moderate option. Cheaper too! However, I wouldn't really recommend using it when wearing a pale lemon silk blouse – for such garments, go for the Sure.

Cost: €4.59

Get it from: Pharmacies

Score: 8/10


The Sell: Designed for those who find standard anti-perspirants inadequate, and lasts for days.

Our Take: I don't know about you, but the "lasts for days" claim isn't all that appealing to me.

I also have memories of applying this product to my hands as a teen, convinced their clamminess was off-putting to boys. So forgive me, I may be biased. This is a more specialist product.

It feels very wet when it goes on, you wait for it to dry and that's where the days of protection begins. It certainly felt more medicinal than the other two, and like it was meant for very extreme perspiration rather than just saving pretty clothes and embarrassment.

It most certainly works, but is more finnicky, and even more expensive than the Sure.

Cost: €8.29

Get it from: Pharmacies

Score: 7/10

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