Saturday 20 January 2018

Tried and Tested: Soap and shower gel

You can feel great, if you just exfoliate

I'd say 'the gloves are off', but of course, they are not. Both soap and shower gel work best with exfoliating gloves, and you end up doubly blessed: clean as a whistle and clear of all dead skin cells. But which is better value? Shower gels don't leave behind those annoying slivers; soaps don't leave a wee bit in the tube that you can never get out. Whom shall we deem winner and champion?

DOVE Creme Mousse Body Wash, €4, *****

 I love the smell of Dove, all across its product line. I adore the bars of soap, but very much prefer this bottle of Dove-y goodness. It lathers up as richly as the bars do, but more cleanly and with better long-term use of the product. Bonus: my skin feels super moisturised, even after towelling off.

SANCTUARY SPA 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil, €8.49, **

Two days of what? Of no smelliness? I suppose if you sit still and never move, this might work. I will say that if you are body lotion-averse (you heathen) this is a great solution that will keep your skin soft. As far as actually cleaning the body, it's okay, but only okay.

PIXY Citrus Spring Soap Slice, €3.99, *****

Made in Ireland and beautifully coloured, sweet smelling plus effective in the getting-your-body-clean department. I used my gloves, which I highly recommend, as you won't get much bang for your cake unless you do. The gloves help you wear down the soap more evenly -- I swear this is true -- and I didn't end up with fiddly broken shards.

LUSH Dirty Soap, €5.40/100g, ***

Ahh, I love this scent: it's like you've covered yourself in peppermint and then rolled around in freshly cut grass. But I have to say that this is where I part company with soap in bars. Lush do a spectacular line in scents that are produced with environmental awareness, but the slabs of soap are so awkward to use. I know, first world problems, I should be ashamed of myself.

LA ROCHE POSAY Lipikar Cleansing Oil, €13.75, ****

Oil and water don't mix, I scoffed to myself. Oh, yes, they do, if they have been put together by the brainy brains of La Roche Posay. This feels glorious, smells amazing, and you can feel your pores just soaking it in. I wasn't sure I felt absolutely super squeaky after the first time I tried it, so I just used more the next time -- a little goes long way, so it's not a waste.

Original source Evening Herald

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