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Trendwatch: Modern bronze


Modern bronze look at Rodarte ss11

Modern bronze look at Rodarte ss11

The  modern bronze look at Blumarine

The modern bronze look at Blumarine


Modern bronze look at Rodarte ss11

Last spring blue was everywhere from blue eyeshadow and mascara to neon blue for the very brave. This year's blue is bronze. Seen at Rodarte, Blumarine and Jaeger with a pop twist, it's huge this spring and looks good for summer. So, new season, same problem - what are the rules? I hear you ask.

A bland base is better

Keep the base as natural and as perfectly nude as possible. If your skin tone is light, look to match a matte base with brown lip gloss to get the right texture. If your skin tone is darker look to work in tinted moisturisers and highlighters. For some clever shading, mid-tone matte bronzers work for cheeks.

Coordinate but be bold

The palette is bright but light and the colours don't clash, so eyes, lips and brows can be mixed up a bit. Avoid glitter bar the lips. Coffees go with coppers, which in turn work with golds, which can be added to whites. Throw away the dark kohl and look for golds and browns. Try light, natural or earth coloured brows.

It's sun-kissed and not sunburnt

This isn't the tanned look. OK, we know it's called Modern Bronze but that doesn't mean you can hit the fake tan or imbibe Sunny Delight by the bucketload. Simply, the bronze trend is warm but it's not acidic. These are tanned shades with a softer, more intelligent rethink.

And finally ...

The good news is that bronze works just as well for pale and interesting tones as it does for dark skin types, and for this seasons 70's look it couldn't be any more perfect. It works with those swirly floor length dresses, it works with floaty scarfs and crisp blouses and it will even tolerate those bright bold fruit prints.

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