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Trendwatch: DoubleGlam make-up


Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics

Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics

Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics

DoubleGlam is the antidote to natural make-up and the 'barely there' summer look. Bold, glamorous, dramatic - it's time to slap it on!

It made ripples in 2010 and made waves on the catwalks this spring. Assuming you get just the right mismatch between the eyes and lips you still might hate it anyway. Think 60's idol meets Frankenstein's make-up bag, team off-colours with bold shading and even bolder brows.

Here are our rules:

Be anything but subtle

The perfect antidote to subtle styling. The look is all about drama. Ditch the tinted moisturisers, add some full coverage and leave the delicate lips and eye colours at home. Keep it shaded as this look demands a loud approach!

Build it up

Bin the delicate lights and add some smokey shades. Layer deep blues with greys and lay on some metallics for depth of colour. Add gallons of glamour with lashings of lashes and plenty of winged liner. Lips should be saturated with colour and the finish super glossy. Corals, oranges, bright pinks. Apply from the bullet for a deeper, richer colour.

Bold brows

With such strong features a bold brow is essential to structure this look. Think dark, thick and perfectly arched. Groom big brows with a pencil or add some serious shadow if your brows are on the thin side.

Keep everything else simple

Although the make-up look isn't balanced this doesn't give you free reign on the outfit. Minimal. Clean. Neutral. Keep accessories short and hair swept back or your DoubleGlam could well become a double Dallas. You have been warned.