Monday 23 October 2017

Trendwatch: Androgyny

Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics
Image courtesy of MAC cosmetics

Sinead Van Kampen

Androgyny is trending right now. Boyish, soft, cool, but structured.

Chloe, Hermes and Max Mara did it well on the catwalk. The Olsens and Kiera Knightly do it well on the red carpet. None of them can hold a torch to Miss Emma Watson, the undisputed doyen of boy chic. Coltish cropped hair a la Audrey Hepburn, simple clear skin a la Ron Weasley in the Philosopher's Stone.

Here are the rules ...

Keep the base light

The look is light, luminous, clear and sculpted. Use a concealer where needed, keep foundation natural and add the boyish twist by gently sculpting cheek bones and temples with a mineralised bronzer.

Keep the colours mono

This isn't colour, the tones are hushed and the look is sculpted. Use a palette that's sepia, use it subtly and keep it shaded. Add definition to cheekbones and eyes using creams, light shades of toffee and a touch of taupe.

Keep the lips clear and the brows square. Always. Lip conditioner if you have the shape. A touch of matte gloss or cream lipgloss if you really can't do bare. If you must use a lipstick try MAC's Fleshpot which is made for this look. For brows apply a powder lighter than your brow colour with a flat brush. Keep the brows square and avoid sharp lines at all costs.

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