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Treatment Trial: The non-surgical facelift


Library image. Photo: Getty Images

Library image. Photo: Getty Images

Library image. Photo: Getty Images

Each week Independent Woman investigates what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week we take a swig from the fountain of youth without having to go under the knife with the Tenor facial treatment.

What is it?

The Tenor Treatment promises all the results of surgery without going under the knife. Also known as the non-surgical facelift, the treatment uses radio waves to transfer heat energy to the deep tissue within the skin. Once the heat is applied, the theory is that collagen levels are increased and skin becomes tighter and firmer. Wave bye bye to the sags and the bags!

What's the process?

Following a consultation to target problem areas, skin is prepped with an anti-bacterial gel which protects the skin before the heat is applied. Once a conductor cream has been rubbed into the face, a probe is used to massage radio waves deep into the skin. After 20 minutes of working the face section by section, skin is spritzed with a sealing gel which locks in the heat which in turn stimulates collagen production for the next 12 hours.

How does it work?

Bit of a Trojan Horse. The radio waves heat the skin, tricking the deep tissues into thinking they are being attacked. As the body floods the treated areas with collagen to repair the structure of the skin, the result is that repairs are made and skin is left firmed and toned.

Many recipients leave looking a good deal younger than when they arrived!

What does it feel like?

In short, hot and then very, very hot. Although on a chilly January morning this actually felt like a warm massage, as the probe moves around the face it does heat up the skin quite quickly. Some hours after the treatment, my skin was still quite sensitive although this was only a minor discomfort.

Who's it for?

Anyone looking to turn back the clock without looking like they drink 300 cups of coffee before lunch. Lets face it, avoiding surgical procedures that have the side effect of making the skin seem stretched can only be a good thing. As the Tenor facial was designed for problem areas and works naturally, the lift is smooth and subtle. It also works well for bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles and dark circles. It also clarifies the cheek bones and jaw line.

The best bit?

The results. Although the skin is left a little reddened the end results are worth it. Skin feels glowing after a session and although there is a little discomfort, this pales in comparison to anything even remotely related to the bill or scalpel of a cosmetic surgeon.

The downside?

As the treatment continues to work for up to 12 hours after the massage breaking a sweat is no go as it dissolves the insulating gel that locks in the heat. Freeing up the time to do nothing afterwards can be a little difficult. Also, as six sessions are recommended for the course to work effectively, the end result doesn't come too cheaply.

How long does it take?

The consultation can take up to ten minutes and the treatment a further twenty.

I'm in...where to next ?

The Tenor Treatment costs €600 for 6 treatments and is available from Bellaza Beauty Clinic in Ranelagh, Dublin. To book a treatment call 01 496 3484 or call in to Bellaza, 27 Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6.