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Treatment Trial: The Leighton Denny Immaculate Manicure


Image posed. Photo: Getty Images

Image posed. Photo: Getty Images

Image posed. Photo: Getty Images

Each week we at Independent Woman investigate all that's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week, in a bid to give our overworked pinkies a makeover, we sampled Leighton Denny's Immaculate Manicure at Dylan Bradshaw.

What is it?

A deeply nourishing manicure designed to revive and restore hands and nails.

What's the process?

Once you've selected the perfect nail shape and chosen a colour from a bewildering array of pucker polishes, the treatment begins with some gentle filing. Rough hands are then submerged in a tropical soak which softens before cuticles are gently pushed back and tidied up. Stubborn dry skin is taken to task with a diamond powder scrub before an avocado oil massage smooths and moisturises. Once nails have been given a coat or three, the treatment ends with some vitamin-enriched miracle drops to keep those cuticles in tip top shape.

How does it work?

Leighton Denny's scrubs, lotions and potions are rich in essential oils like avocado, peppermint and grapeseed. Specially formulated to help keep hands smooth and supple, the real benefit is in the conditioning. The invigorating hand scrub and relaxing hand massage also help boost circulation.

What are the benefits?

Perfectly preened paws and skin that positively glows after treatment.

As well as the conditioning aspects, the cosmetic side is also impressive. The massage oil contains light-reflecting particles and the topcoat is super shiny and lasts for ages.

How long does it take?

Not like your standard file and polish. The massage and deep conditioning takes the best part of 40 minutes and choosing a nail colour from all the goodies can leave you feeling a little dizzy. Best give yourself at least one hour.

The best bit?

Having my nails filled without feeling like they were going to split.

The glass nail file used during the treatment gently buffs without breaking or splitting and by the time my therapist had finished I barely recognised my own hands. Soft squared, preened and polished and even after five days no splits or chips.

Any downsides?

If you're a bit of a polish aficionado trying to choose a colour is impossible. Feeling rather summery the ice-cream shades of Gelato meant a decision between Do Me a Flavour and Inside Scoop became too much to bear. Finding it impossible to decide, I ended up trying both!

I'm in ... where to next?

The Leighton Denny Immaculate Manicure is available from Dylan Bradshaw , 56 South William Street, Dublin 2. For more information telephone 01 6719353.