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Thursday 21 November 2019

Treatment Trial: The Chakra Cocoon

Sinead Van Kampen

Each week we at Independent Woman investigate what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week, in a desperate bid to de-stress, we booked a treatment which focuses on the mind, body and soul - Mandala Spa's Warm Heart Chakra Cocoon.

What is it?

Perfect for stressed out souls looking to unwind. Dating back over 4000 years, Ayurvedic medicine stresses the importance of bathing and cleansing and using plant based remedies and treatments. The Chakra Cocoon is a traditional therapy designed to calm and soothe. Skin is treated to an organic scrub before hot stones are used to relax muscles from head to toe. The treatment ends with a continuous stream of rose oil being poured onto your third eye.

Sorry did you say my third eye?

Yes. Ayuvedic practitioners believe that the third eye is located in the middle of the forehead. Being linked to the heart and by default spiritual health, warming the third eye with a continuous stream of oil works to soothe the nervous system and clarify the senses.

What's the process?

The treatment begins with a full body rose and almond sugar scrub to soften and exfoliate skin before hot stones are placed along the stomach, between the toes and in the palms of hands. A full body massage is then administered using smaller hot stones which work on the legs, arms, back and neck. The scalp and face are then treated with a hydrating pressure point facial massage and the treatment finishes with a traditional Shirodhara which involves a constant stream of rose oil being poured onto your forehead, scalp and hair.

How does it work?

During the massage the energies from the stones are believed to promote a meditative state while the constant stream of oil during the final part of the treatment helps to nourish and condition the hair and scalp as well as induce a deep sense of relaxation.

Any celebrity fans?

Cindy Crawford and Demi Moore are said to be big fans.

What are the benefits?

This relaxing treatment is said to be good for headaches, anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. The sugar scrub also leaves skin feeling baby soft for days and following treatment my hair and scalp felt in excellent condition.

How long does it take?

A brilliantly indulgent two and half hours. As the oil can be quite messy, best to book yourself an afternoon at the spa.

And the best bit?

Feeling utterly and overwhelmingly relaxed. Despite what was a very hectic week of work, I still managed to leave the salon feeling stress free and lighter than air.

Any downsides?

Very greasy hair. Although you can wash away the oil before you leave the spa I opted to leave the conditioning treatment to work overnight which resulted in a few strange looks on the journey home. Take a hat for best results!

I'm in .... where to next?

Mandala’s Warm Heart Chakra Cocoon is priced at €170 and is available from Mandala Day Spa, La Stampa Hotel ,35 Dawson Street, Dublin. For more information telephone 01 6717099 or visit

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