Saturday 18 November 2017

Treatment Trial: Stone therapy massage

Sinead Van Kampen

Each week, we at Independent Woman investigate what's new and cutting edge in the battle to remain young and beautiful. This week we sampled the relaxing delights of the Stone Therapy Massage.

We've all seen the pictures ... but what is it?

Taking traditional Swedish massage therapy and adding it to native American Indian techniques, the Stone Therapy Massage aims to promote detoxification, healing and spiritual relaxation across the body. Using both hot and cold stone and primarily for deep relaxation, the massage also claims many skin and beauty benefits.

What's the process?

As you might expect from something so ethereal, the massage begins with soft candles and the sounds of the sea. Once you've chilled to the music, hot stones are placed under the back and the body and face are then massaged with jojaba oil. Once those aches, knots, strains and tensions have been released, you are gently turned over and the back and legs are treated to a massage using smooth volcanic stones.

How does it work?

The hot stones applied to the skin during the treatment are basalt stones which are rich in iron and retain heat. When the stones are applied to skin, the heat relaxes the muscles which in turn improves circulation and helps calm the nervous system. As with anything that has a yin, there is also a yang, whilst the hot stones do their work, cold marble is applied to key points along the body and this is said to help remove toxins and reduce skin inflammation.

Yes, but how does it work?

I've really no idea, but I can tell you how it feels ...

OK.... how does it feel?

Like heaven. At the risk of sounding too 'new age' the whole thing was nothing short of a revelation. Whether it was the oil, the stones, the music or the massage, the end result was nothing short of bliss and having entered the treatment room a tad short and snappy, I must confess to leaving the massage table feeling like a giant ball of cotton wool!

What are the beauty benefits?

Less stress means less frowning. Less frowning means more relaxation. More relaxation means more sleep and more sleep means better, brighter skin. There's also the benefits of improved circulation. Not bad for a massage.

How long does it take?

The massage lasts around 90 minutes but you may wish to give yourself some extra time in the relaxation area after treatment. As your new-found sense of well-being takes a bit of getting used to!

And the best bit?

Having the best nights sleep in ages. Fortunately that perfectly woozy feeling stayed until bed time and my evening was spent feeling calm and dreamy.

Any downsides?

Due to the de-toxifing effects of the massage, drinking and heavy eating after treatment is discouraged. Probably best planned for a day when you're keen to get an early night.

I'm in .... how much is it?

The Stone Therapy Massage is priced at €135 for 90 minutes and is available at the Buff Day Spa, 52 South King Street ,Dublin 2.

For more information telephone 01 6774624 or visit

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