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Treatment Trial: Kerastase fusio dose ritual


Rich glossy hair has become something of an obsession since the royal wedding. Kate's got it, Pippa's got it and now we want it! This week in a bid to inject magic into our lank locks we sampled the Kerastase Fusio Dose Ritual.

What is it?

A bespoke conditioning ritual designed to treat all manner of troubled tresses. From limp, languid, lifeless locks to hair missing vitality and volume. Based on a range of conditioning combinations, the salon applied treatment penetrates deep within the hair cuticle delivering an instant lift before gradually fading out after five washes.

What's the process?

The treatment begins with a detailed consultation to determine which treatment combinations will work best for your type of hair and lifestyle factors. With 16 different treatment combinations the mix is completely bespoke and should tackle most hair woes. Once hair is given the prescription, a double shampoo is applied before the conditioner is gently sprayed into sections of hair and helped to get to work with a scalp massage. Hair is then rinsed and blow dried in the usual way and your healthy new mane is revealed.

How does it work?

It works by fusing together deep conditioning components which are designed to target specific hair complaints. Mature hair can be treated with calcium and omega to improve hair fibre and strength, or weak hair can be reinforced with anti-breakage conditioner. Once applied, the conditioner works it's way deep into the hair cuticles and troubled tresses get are given an instant lift.

What are the benefits?

Strong, healthy manageable hair in less than 20 minutes. As the results are instant this works as a great top-up for a cut and blow dry or as a lunch time pick me up for hair in need of TLC. It can also work in conjunction with your usual cutting or colouring treatments.

How long does it take?

About 40 minutes including a blow dry.

The best bit?

After the result, it has to be the price! Addressing even the trickiest of hair concerns doesn't break the bank given the cost of conditioning came in at only €20.

Any downsides?

Unfortunately it does wash out so this could become quite high maintenance. Having gotten so used to a healthy mane, the thought of all that goodness leaving my hair was almost enough to bring me out in a rash. The recommended treatment cycle runs at one treatment per month to keep hair in tip-top condition.

I'm in .... where to next?

The Kerastase Fusio Dose Ritual is priced from €20 and is available at the Jim Hatton Salon, Ranelagh, Dublin.

For more information telephone 01 497 6840 or go see http://www.Jimhatton.ie for more details.