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Treatment Trial: Four handed massage


Photo courtesy of Mandala Spa

Photo courtesy of Mandala Spa

Photo courtesy of Mandala Spa

Feeling streesed? This week we have road tested the ultimate massage that will relax even those highly strung readers.

What is it?

The massage version of synchronized swimming. Take a person to be pampered, a little massage oil, some soothing sounds of the Orient and throw in two massage therapists to work each side of the body until said person succumbs to a serene and blissful state of body and mind.

The process ....

Beginning with the dark surrounds of a relaxation area, a robe is administered and herbal tea taken before the massage begins. Feet are bathed and exfoliated and you are then laid out across a massage bed.

Two massage therapists then get to work using Ayurvedic and Swedish massage techniques on the legs, back, face, head and feet in perfect harmony. As you slowly drift away on each side of your body each massage therapist mirrors their opposite numbers movements and from the top of your earlobes to the tips of your toes stress is simply soothed away. To finish, the head and feet are massaged at the same time which induces a state of deep relaxation.

Why you should...

An hour and a half of deep relaxation that will leave even the most frazzled customer in a Zen-like cocoon. There's the dark room, the enchanting music and the benefits of 20 fingers to work away tirelessly at kneading those knotted muscles and joints. In the end you're a melted mass of calmness, and dozing off is pretty much a certainty with this treatment.

Why you shouldn't...

Possibly one of the most intimate massage treatments available. If you don't take massage treatments too often, having a masseuse and a masseur work on nearly every square inch of your body with only a small towel to protect your modestly might be a little 'full on' as an introduction. Probably not for the bashful but invigorating and deeply relaxing all the same.

How long does it take?

The four-handed massage lasts for around an hour and a half. Time should also be allotted for a period of relaxation both before and after the treatment.

How do I get an appointment?

The massage costs €180 and is available from the Mandala Day Spa, 35 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 .To book an appointment call (0)1 671 7099.