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Treatment Trial: Celebrity makeover


Library Image. Getty Images

Library Image. Getty Images

Make-up artist Ken Boylan

Make-up artist Ken Boylan


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This week we learn how to apply our make-up like a pro with a private lesson with beauty guru Ken Boylan. Independent Woman readers can enjoy a private lesson with 10% off when you mention this feature.

What is it?

A one hour private make-up lesson with celebrity make-up artist Ken Boylan. Current habits are scrutinised, the beauty bag is examined and you're taught how to create a new look for day or evening wear!

What's the procedure?

Arriving at the studio with your usual look, Ken starts the consultation by casting an eye over what you do well and what's going wrong. My sins included uneven eyeliner, eyeshadow that has disappeared and mixing my foundation with a highlighter which was giving me a shiny face.

Best to leave your ego at the door then?

Yup - once Ken had told me where my application was going wrong, he then moved onto my make-up bag and for someone who prides herself on her collection, Mr Boylan was nothing short of ruthless. My eye pencil was too soft, my eyeshadow not pigmented enough and I was told that my creme blush was in danger of leaving me looking like I had a rash. On the upside, my foundation was the correct colour for my face and my liquid eyeliner pen got me a solid thumbs up. It starts out painful but it does get better.

So what happens to the bad make-up?

If you feel like biting the bullet, Ken donates the unsuitable make-up to charity and if you can't bare to part with your products you can always take them home again!

Didn't you mention something about a make-up lesson?

Yes, once Ken is finished delving into your daily make-up habits it's time to learn how to create a new look. Correct foundation application, concealing like a pro and prepping your eyes for eye shadow are all covered before Ken turns his attentions to creating a signature look. Deciding on a brown smokey eye as a daytime look, I was taught some insider tricks on working kohl and the correct ways to blend and smudge for grunge.

Are you sure this just wasn't an excuse to get pampered?

Not so fast ... whilst Ken starts the look the lesson is hands-on. He does half for you and gives guidance while you practice the new techniques you have learnt. Ok, so things we're a bit lopsided at first but I soon got the hang of things.

Got it! What's next?

The lesson ends with some demonstrations and the correct way for techniques like gloss, blush and bronzer and contouring. He also gives you a full list of the products he has used so you can re-stock your make-up bag with the kit that works for you.

The best bit?

Discovering that the things you thought don't suit you work well with some deft application. Powder pink lips do work for me after all!

The worst bit?

As Ken tut-tutted at the money I've been wasting, my overpriced indulgences were thrown onto a sacrificial beauty pyre - a sobering but somewhat cleansing experience!

How much is it?

A one hour session with Ken is €80. To book phone 087 238 12 12 or call into his studio at Zeba, South William Street, Dublin 2.

Independent Woman readers can enjoy 10% off when they mention this feature until March 14th 2011.