Tuesday 16 January 2018

Today's hair, gone tomorrow

DO shave after a shower when the steam has softened the hair and there's a reduced risk of razor bumps

DON'T shave first thing in the morning when skin is at its most sensitive and puffy.

DO try putting your name on the waiting list for Adonia Hair Serum. The Americans are hailing it as a €36 'wonder cream' that can reduce the need for shaving to just 10 times a year. Adoniahairreducer.com

DON'T take it too far. Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she's entirely free from body hair having developed an 'obsession' with hair removal when she was a teen, and that she even used to wax her forehead before turning to laser hair removal.

DO opt for sleeves if you've had no time to deal with hairy armpits. But go for natural fabrics like wool, silk and cotton that reduce the risk of sweat patches.

DON'T avoid shaving because you believe the hair will grow back with increased vigour. This is a myth; shaving does nothing to change the number of hair follicles. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, making the area look dark and inflamed.

DO ditch the razor to try something new. Therapie clinics currently have a half price offer on underarm hair removal with six sessions for €335. Hair-removing experts Veet launched a host of new products this summer including EasyGrip wax strips (€7.99), Hydro'Restor Hair Removal cream, acts in three minutes (€7.99) and Hair Minimising Moisturiser (€5.99) available in Boots.

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