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The rise of 'manity' grooming


Library Image. Thinkstock.

Library Image. Thinkstock.

Hugo Boss Skin skincare set  £15 (€18.63) from Tesco

Hugo Boss Skin skincare set £15 (€18.63) from Tesco

Montblanc Legend EDT from £22.50 (€27.96) . Photo: PA

Montblanc Legend EDT from £22.50 (€27.96) . Photo: PA

Right Guard Xtreme Cool range

Right Guard Xtreme Cool range


Library Image. Thinkstock.

With Father's Day on Sunday, here’s come ideas for his washbag this summer

Ever wondered why the bathroom queue is getting longer?

Guys are investing more than ever in their appearance, according to a recent survey by a UK supermarket, which found that one in eight men is spending almost an hour a day on his grooming regime.

This bonding with the mirror trend has been dubbed 'manity'. Call it what you will, but a heightened interest in personal grooming is here to stay.

And while most dads would probably agree that the old ones are the best ones, it seems the idea is catching on in the grooming industry too.

"The last two years have seen a real return to the classics," says Richard Sawyer, international education director for Lab Series.

"This could be sparked by the economic crisis which often sees people seeking something from what they believe was a safer and calmer time.

"However, this can also be a result of the growing trend to seek out the cool and the retro."

If your dad's a creature of habit, heritage products and established brands will always win him over. Also, keep your eyes peeled for grooming ranges that take a classic and give it a new twist for modern appeal.

It's not just women who follow fashion. Men who dig designer labels have brought about a boom in the scent market.

"Fragrance is very much a mirror of the trends in fashion and the environment we live in," suggests Sawyer.

"Men are sporting facial hair for the first time in a generation, like designer stubble and beards. They have little need for aftershaves and can invest their money and time seeking out exciting fragrances."

But it's tricky honing your fragrance nose when you're seeking a scent for a guy instead of yourself or a female family member.

"There's a real trend for fruit and floral notes in men's fragrance," Sawyer hints.

"Men certainly don't want to smell like a bouquet of flowers or a fruit basket, but sweeter, juicier notes are right up there in some of the biggest and most successful men's fragrances from the last few seasons."


Lines and wrinkles may be the imprints of a good life, but it seems guys are ditching the weathered look for a fresh-faced glow.

"It's no surprise that with an ageing population more men are asking for something to fight lines and wrinkles more than any other main skincare desire," says Sawyer.

"Products that provide the skin with energising properties and make the skin look visibly smoother and younger are big news."

He (and we) may not know it yet but brightening products are big in Asia and are set to catch on here too, fighting off the look of age spots and acne scars.

"This is the fastest growing area of skincare right now," Sawyer explains. "Hyper-pigmentation can make the skin's surface appear older than it actually is, even if a man doesn't suffer with many lines and wrinkles."

Look for grooming products that will help his skin look younger for longer, along with SPF products which are "the single most significant anti-ageing product that you can use", according to Sawyer.


Still stuck for inspiration? Try these father-friendly buys:

Show your dad he's one in a million with Montblanc's Legend EDT, from £22.50 (€27.96) from House of Fraser (www.houseoffraser.co.uk).

Secure his status as Daddy Cool with Right Guard's Xtreme Cool range, from £1.99 (€2.47). Available nationwide.

If skin is in where your father's concerned then treat him to Hugo Boss's Skin skincare set, £15 (€18.63) from Tesco.

A man who detests the idea of designer stubble will love Molton Brown's luxury The Shaving Kit, £195 (€242.30) (www.moltonbrown.co.uk).

Show him he's the biggest VIP in your life and give a nod to the Olympic summer with Dolce&Gabbana's The One Sport EDT, from £32 (€39.76) from Boots.

Kit out his bathroom cabinet with Lab Series' Daily Essentials Father's Day gift set, £41 (€50.94). Available nationwide.

Show him he's boss with Lush's The Guv'ner hard-working, absorbent charcoal powder deodorant, £5.95 (€7.40) (www.lush.co.uk).

If he's ruled by his crowning glory, try Schwarzkopf Professional's [3D]mension range, which (shhhh) includes grey covering toners, from £9.25 (€11.50).