Friday 15 November 2019

The Panel: It's the spirtz!

Pictured, from left: Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner; Uriage Eau Thermale; Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray; Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist; MAC Fix+
Pictured, from left: Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner; Uriage Eau Thermale; Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray; Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist; MAC Fix+

We Irish have an amazing ability to forget when it comes to the weather.

We live in the moment, you could say, carping and moaning about the cold and the damp, and we need only about two days of good weather before we start giving out about being too hot and sticky. It’s worth noting that the latter really comes into effect when you’re locked up in work, looking out at the weather, wondering why no one has turned down the radiators and feeling your skin shrivel under the air conditioning. By rights, you think, you should be feeling sea spray on your face and sun oil on your limbs, but when that can’t be done, we recommend a desk-bound spritz.

While many of us often wonder if there’s any point to toner, we discovered during last summer’s relatively long dry spell that a spray of suitable facial spritz did wonders for our skin. Counter-intuitively, a fine spray of something soothing and hydrating at midday perked up our make-up, but we also noted that there was a mood-lightening effect to be had from a cooling mist of the right spritz.


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, €27.50, Clinique counters nationwide This was a favourite with some panellists already, one of whom has it permanently on her desk for a regular blast of comfort. Designed as a thirsty-skin quencher, it contains hydrating aloe water and glycerine, as well as soothing caffeine, sucrose and chamomile. “I love this,” said one panellist. “It counteracts the horrible drying feeling I get from the air conditioning, and it makes you feel coolly soothed without feeling like an extra layer of moisturiser on your face.”


Mac Fix+, €16.50, Brown Thomas and BT2 The impressive calming effect of this spray comes thanks to various vitamins, minerals, green tea, chamomile and cucumber, but it also did what it promised in terms of fixing just-applied make-up and giving it a bit of pep in the middle of the day. Or night, if that’s what you’re after. “ I like the product,” a panellist said, “but I loved the packaging. This has a cute locking device on the lid, so you don’t live in fear of spillage if you stick it in your handbag of a summer’s day.”


Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner, €20.95, Arnotts; selected pharmacies and health stores nationwide More aromatic than excessively perfumed, this alcohol-free spritz combines rose petal, lavender and geranium to create an outdoorsy effect. Not at all drying, it proved great for defusing any end-of-day redness or stress in the skin. A lovely summer product. “I brought this on holiday with me,” said a panellist, “and it was lovely during the day’s heat and at night, when your skin can be a bit over-excited by all the sun and sea.”


Uriage Eau Thermale, €11.85, available pharmacies nationwide A key element in this Swiss range that is new to Ireland, priced slightly below some of the better-known thermal-water brands, this spray is packaged in a can, it comes out in an extremely fine mist and promises to hydrate and de-stress even the most sensitive skins. “If you kept this in the fridge you’d get even more bang for your buck,” said one panellist, “but even without refrigerating it’s terrifically refreshing and quite addictive.”


Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist, €29, Brown Thomas and Debenhams nationwide; Clerys, Arnotts; larger Boots; selected pharmacies Part of Benefit’s recent venture into skincare, this impressed us in terms of its rehydration powers, without feeling sticky on the skin. Sodium hyaluronate is the powerful hydrating ingredient, while white and blue lotus extracts soothe. “This has a lovely freshwater smell and a nice effect on the skin,” said a panellist. “Calming, plumping, soothing; I was reaching out for it repeatedly on my desk.” Sarah Caden

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