Thursday 20 June 2019

The life-changing Penneys product that removes makeup with just water

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Stock Image: Getty
The Come Clean Cloth, €4 at Penneys

Amy Mulvaney

Forget having to spend 20 minutes taking your makeup off at night - this Penneys product has changed the game.

All makeup-lovers know the struggle of heading to bed nice and cosy before remembering that you have to take off your makeup. Or, even worse, coming home from a night out and being in no state whatsoever to take out your cleanser and do your skincare routine before going to sleep.

But now, thanks to this new product from Penneys, removing makeup has never been easier.

The Come Clean Cloth removes makeup with just water - yep, just water.

The Come Clean Cloth, €4 at Penneys
The Come Clean Cloth, €4 at Penneys

Simply run it under the tap and start wiping your makeup off, that's all you have to do.

We've tried it here at Independent Style and we can safely say that it removes all makeup effectively - even mascara and eyeliner.

The pack comes with three cloths for just €4, and all you have to do is pop them in the washing machine before using them again. Simple.

The cloths are super soft and gentle on the skin, just be sure not to rub too hard.

If you want a deep cleanse, use your regular cleanser on the cloth and prepare for the softest (and cleanest) skin ever.

We can see these selling out of Penneys, so be quick if you want to try them!

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