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Take health skin deep


Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, €24.95 and Clinique Reformulated
Clarifying Lotion, €23

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, €24.95 and Clinique Reformulated Clarifying Lotion, €23

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, €24.95 and Clinique Reformulated Clarifying Lotion, €23

The silly season is over. Your body is probably feeling the strain of one too many glasses of Champagne and a few too many late nights. You've vowed never to drink again in an effort to let your body recover. But what are you doing to help get your skin back to its best?

Your face will bear all the tell-tale signs: dark circles and a tired, washed-out complexion.

So what better way to start this year than with a skin detox? First, what can you put into your body that will help your skin recoup?

Drink plenty of water, and balance your diet with as much colour as you can manage -- the more colour, the more vitamins. If don't you feel you're eating enough vegetables, take some vitamin supplements instead -- vitamins A, B, E and K are ideal for skin health.

Once you're eating and drinking properly, you can treat yourself to some much-needed TLC. Here are some of the top products to get your skin silky smooth and glowing.

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, €24.95, Arnotts, Unicare pharmacies and other health stores Before you even think about masks, lotions or serums, you first need to clean the dead skin cells from the surface of your face. That’s where a facial exfoliator comes in handy. Trilogy does a great one, and it doesn’t leave skin feeling tight or raw.

Clinique Reformulated Clarifying Lotion, €23 for 200ml, Clinique counters Clinique’s 3-Step programme is the holy grail of skin care for so many people. Their clarifying lotion has become even more focused on making skin flawless. If you’re looking for a deep-clean feeling, it’s Clinique all the way.

Avène Soothing Moisture Mask, €19 for 50ml and Avène Eau Thermale, €4 for 50ml, right, most Unicare stores This mask is the perfect way to get your post- Christmas face ready for the world again. While the mask was on, I could feel moisture being replaced in my skin. After I removed it, my face felt like it did when I was a blemishfree pre-teen. A spray of the thermal water after the mask gives even more moisture. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

REN Rose O12 Ultra-Moisture Serum, €58, Arnotts and pharmacies I don’t know how I feel about serums, and €50+ seems a bit steep. I have heard stories of serums being lifechanging, and skinrejuvenating. REN’s Rose O12 serum, when applied under moisturiser, has all the ingredients to give skin a renewed radiance. Worth looking into if you’re treating yourself.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, €35, department stores and selected pharmacies A definite cult product, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a life-saver and an absolute essential for so many people I know. Used either as a base under makeup or as a face mask, it gives a healthy glow back to the skin. Your face will feel and look as if you’ve had a week of 12-hour sleeps,no matter what you really did get up to over the festive period. This is a bestseller for a reason.

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