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Style with Andrea Byrne: making waves


Model Candice Swanepoel works the look at the recent Victoria's Secret show.

Model Candice Swanepoel works the look at the recent Victoria's Secret show.

Work your way up with the curling iron.

Work your way up with the curling iron.

Rainforest conditioner.

Rainforest conditioner.

Redken shampoo

Redken shampoo

Fast Dry

Fast Dry

Motion Lotion

Motion Lotion


Model Candice Swanepoel works the look at the recent Victoria's Secret show.

There are many things that make a Victoria's Secret model a source of female envy...the body, the perky breasts, the tan, the height. And while we can't tell you how to get the aforementioned credentials, we can help you emulate their hair, which is invariably styled in loose, soft, tousled bombshell waves.

It's a timeless brand of beauty that screams sexiness and glamour and one that is loved by both sexes. Also, as we're heading towards the festive season, it's the perfect party hairstyle.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need outrageously long hair to successfully achieve the look. Anything longer than shoulder length will work. "The idea is to create lots of movement and texture in the hair so you'll get more out of hair that is shoulder length or longer," says Kristin Ortiz, Head of Education at haircare brand KEVIN.MURPHY in Ireland.

Also, she insists that women with fine hair can achieve the look - it's all about the right products and the correct tools. Furthermore, don't think just because you have a round face that it won't suit you - according to Kristin, it's a universally flattering style.

The key to achieving the look is about the prep, the prime and the finish. You'll need a good hairdryer, some volumising hair products, a curling iron and some pins.

This look does require a bit of effort, but trust me, it's soooo worth it!

Dos and Don'ts

● Have a haircare regime like you have a skincare regime. This will ensure your hair is always looking fabulous and that is easier to style.

● "We find for finer hair, when working backstage, that blasting the hair dry gives longer hold to the style", advises Kristin. "Fine hair is soft already, we need to rough up the cuticle a bit so the hairstyle doesn't slip out. For thicker, courser hair, naturally there will be a lot of volume in it already so to blow dry it's best to use a brush to smooth it out, especially around the key areas like around the front hairline and parting," she says.

● Do use a product with heat protection when curling hair, like KEVIN. MURPHY'S ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY, €22.

● When styling your hair to get big, bouncy waves, use a wand or curling iron. Don't use a flat-iron to curl the hair. As well as dehydrating the hair and putting stress and tension on it, the flat-iron flattens the hair, which will result in a flatter curl that lacks volume, says Kristin.

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● Really take the time to roll your curls neatly and accurately before pinning them.

● Use products sparingly, you want them to hold the style, not weigh it down or make it look stiff or crunchy or greasy.

● Let hair cool down before brushing out curls.

Top tip

Always pin curls after curling. Remember, it's the cooling down of the hair that sets it, not the heating up!

Bombshell Waves Toolkit

1. Body Full Shampoo with Cotton, €16.50, Redken, available in selected salons nationwide

Gently removes styling product from the hair whilst injecting it with added volume.

2. Rainforest Volumising Conditioner, €9.95, The Body Shop, available in stores nationwide

Lightweight conditioner that is specially designed for fine hair in need of oomph. It's silicone- and paraben-free, and extremely colour-safe.

3. MOTION.LOTION, €22, KEVIN.MURPHY, available in Preen Hair and Beauty, Dame St, D1 and selected salons nationwide

A light, weightless but hardworking lotion that gives body and volume to even the finest hair.

4. Fast Dry Finishing Spray, €12.95, Joico, available in selected salons nationwide

A must-have, multi-purpose product that works as a powerful hair spray, a shine spray and a humidity blocker.

How to get bombshell Waves

A step-by-step guide with Kristin Ortiz of KEVIN.MURPHY

1. Prime your hair with KEVIN.MURPHY'S MAXI.WASH, €22. This is a great first shampoo as it is a detox for the hair and will remove any unwanted build-up that could be weighing it down. Then, wash again with a volumising shampoo and conditioner.

2. Prep the hair with a volume lotion. This will give body and hold to finer hair, and for thick, coarse hair it will give control and shine, and remove frizz.

3. Blow dry. (See dos and don'ts on how best to blow dry hair.)

4. Section the hair and, starting from the bottom on each side, work your way up with the curling iron. Pin each curl to your head and leave to cool. You should curl and pin back away from the face, which will give lots of lift and volume at the root.

5. Once the hair has cooled, remove the pins and shake out the hair. Comb your fingers through it to give the tousled look. Part your hair where you think it looks best.

6. Finish with a curl-enhancing lotion like KEVIN.MURPHY'S MOTION.LOTION, €22, and scrunch in. When you're happy with how it looks, spray in a good quality, flexible hair spray to hold it.

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