Saturday 7 December 2019

Style watch: Chanel is drawn into the tattoo game

The kudos of a tattoo comes with its permanence and commitment. In the fickle world of fashion, it's rare that people commit to any one thing, but perhaps that's the appeal; getting a tattoo is a backlash to the transience of fashion.

Whatever the attraction, everyone from Gaultier and Chanel to Rodarte were integrating body art into their beauty looks this season. Not the real deal of course, but the temporary type. Remember those colourful transfers that came free with bubble gum when you were little? These use the same principle, but it's safe to say that Chanel's are more chic.

New to the Chanel boutique in Dublin's Brown Thomas this week, you can choose from chains interlaced with leather to wrap around your wrist, a string of pearls cascading from a bouquet of wildflowers or two swallows placing a necklace across your neck, all complete with the iconic Chanel logo.

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